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hi friends,
long long time reader/advice taker and definitely appreciate the wealth of information on this website.  i have not formally introduced myself until now.  i wanted to wait because i wanted to materialize some success on the internet before showing everyone my face
well here i am and i am glad to finally have made this post.  i am a corporate finance professional and despite making a comfortable 6 figure living there is something about the internet business concept that has always attracted me.  i have always wanted to delve into this arena and create a passive and residual stream on income.
i understand it takes very long, a lot of time, focus, patience and persistence to go with a lot of frustration at time and for some of us even money/investment.  i chose the internet because of low start up costs if any.  no rents/mortgages or other sunk costs to commit to.  the long term promise is promising if one sticks to it.
over time i was able to create a ecommerce website that did quite well. i sold it back in october. since then i have been managing two websites and a third one in the works.  both websites are information based websites.  i currently earn revenues from 6 diverse internet income streams such as google adsense, affiliates, referrals, vendor paid ads, online surveys and eproducts like ebooks and CDs (some my own and some from affiliates).
i have been very pleased with the results and the passive nature of the income flow.  a lot of people dont think this is a real/true business.  where do you stand on that - i am just curious?  it won`t make any difference as we all have our opinions on what is what.  i personally feel it is.  and to me as long as you are happy doing what you are doing and getting results - all else doesnt matter much.  i am looking forward to earning more money online by duplicating my efforts and putting into effect what has worked for me. 
i am very much curious to hear your thoughts on my projects (i.e. what you think, long term prospects, chances of sustaining, is it a business in your opinion, would you do it etc?)
looking forward to healthy discussions with everyone
good luck to all!
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