Seperating your business credit from your personal credit

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Seperating your business credit from your personal credit is essential in making your business a success. I for one would like to know that if I need to lease a car or take out a loan for my business that my personal credit will not be effected in anyway.


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    A friend of mine by the name of Donna Fox wrote a book called from Credit Repair to Credit Millionaire. It has some useful strategies on how to improve your credit and qualify for a business loan. She is also doing an intense workshop at the Grand Ole Opry in a month or so. Here is her link for the workshop. www.creditmillionairemarathon.comJohn
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    The best way to separate your personal credit from the business credit is to Incorporate. Establish a FED-TAX ID for your company. Start doing business under your corporations FED TAX ID, and not your social security, Secondly, Create a Business Credit Profile with Dunns and Brad Street. Its $249.00. Once you establish your business credit profile, it will be much easier for you to fund your business.
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