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RoadWarriorRoadWarrior subscriber Posts: 1
I`m looking for a good online faxing service that I can check while traveling.  I`ve started researching companies like efax and myfax has any tried using - they claim to provide free inbound faxing services.


  • bfleming98bfleming98 subscriber Posts: 0
    I use</A>... Works great, but you need to use it once in a while or they`ll turn off your #.  You`ll probably get a 206 area code.
  • MsEditorMsEditor subscriber Posts: 0
    Our company used MyFax for more than a year. We loved the service and the price. I really liked that you could set it up to e-mail the fax to several different addresses at the same time. If I wasn`t available to receive the fax, one of my associates could.
    We left them only when we obtained a 1-800 number from a service that also offered online faxing for only $4 more than we were paying MyFax. I`d still recommend MyFax if you are only looking for internet faxing capabilities. If you`d like to know anything specific, you`re welcome to post your questions or contact me.
    Kimberly J. 
  • misterwicks2006misterwicks2006 subscriber Posts: 11
    online faxing is provided everyplace, and you might want to talk to a few good companies before making a decision. some of the smaller hosts are willing to configure your service according to your needs and that would save($) - like a cell phone they also grant a number of free usage in their program by charging a base rate with number of free pages monthly. Make sure that the company has what-you-need and that they are able to swing service into various configurations based on your individual usage. Just use caution before agreeing to any terms - that you are able to cancel if your not happy with results. also, look for flexibility in using exsisting email address, software app.s and input/output devices - its really amazing that they will jump through hoops to make you comfortable/ Of course the big guys are the best, but the little providers will do their very best, too! I am going to look around before I jump!!
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