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Hi Everyone!Well firstly, let me say, that this looks like a great community and a fantastic resource. I, like probably everyone here, am looking for some sort of solid business that I can run, preferably online.The problem is that i`m suffering from a little overload and i`m having trouble deciding upon an industry niche and business model. I guess i`m the poster child for analysis paralysis. I read an article earlier today that talked about funding VC applications and one of the things he said is that smart people of my generation don`t always have great ideas. Aparently, alot of us are FANTASTIC problem solvers but that finding our problems to solve can be a bit of an issue. That pretty much sums me up completely.I`ve had a couple of cracks at online business but things were pretty competitive in the respective niches which were mainly affiliate based. So obviously without a slew of traffic it was a bit of a failure.So here I am now looking for some ideas.I`m really looking for something tech based or online where I can put my techy type skills to work. Some people have suggested going into business for myself as a web designer but that really just ends up being me selling my time...which is great but doesnt advance me much from my current situation. I`m pretty analytical with great computer skills and a solid business background from working in insolvency.So if anyone would like to go and give me a kick in the right direction I would much appreciate it. Any and all encouragement appreciatedSteve


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    Give you a kick in the REAR? Here you Go!!! KICK...
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    Hey Guys & Girls,
    Thanks for all the responses and encouragement. I`m now going to have to sit down and have a look at where I think I can go and what I enjoy doing. I guess this is likely the most difficult part of the whole process...coming up with a GREAT idea
    CraigL -- I take your point regarding the technology business and you are correct its really getting tougher selling a service these days, especially in the web-design arena. Things are uber competitive and alot of business balk when you quote them on a full E-Commerce website - "What it`s going to cost me $2,000...I can get theat done in India for $300" Believe me I have had the response a few times. I guess that`s global trade for you...contractions in some industries and booms in others.
    I find it interesting regarding your point about physical products. Do you think that this belief of value in a physical product crosses over into the software realm? Where the product is actually delivered as a tangible, boxed item? It`s likely something that I could consider doing...creating a piece of software and then looking for marketing partners. I would be interested in hearing your opinions on that side of the tech business.
    Failing that, I`m looking at some other avenues at the moment and will jump back to the thread in a few days with some ideas for you guys (My business Board LOL) to shoot holes in.
    Again, I really appreciate all the time that you members have freely given me. I know that message boards can take a bit of effort and I do appreciate the responses.
    Best Regards,
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