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Hi All,Good to see a `green` section to this site.I`m helping a radical eco activist friend put together a website of all his writings and rantings over the years. Sometimes I fear for his life and hope he doesn`t become a tourist courtesy of `extraordinary rendition`!This is his site: Keen to hear any comments you might have. It`s only been live for about 2wks but growing fast. CheersPerry


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    Hi Paula,Thanks for taking the time to comment.I`m not sure what you mean by TPTB, but I have yet to post up some of his more radical writings, which is  bound to create a bit of controversy. But that`s fine, too!I will tell him to post his articles to the sites you suggested.Regards,Perry
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    Thanks, ElidS.Fair comment which I`ve passed on to the author. We will be adding loads of articles and references later to the site, particularly to the GM section.He is also behind this site:, which gives an indication of his background and passion.CheersPerry
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