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need good team to build site

silverdragonrssilverdragonrs subscriber Posts: 2
   I have been working on putting together a site for a few years now. My interest waxes and wanes due to lack of progress.. I will explain.
I have very little money to put on this but have a solid concept and design. I have basic html, php, other knowledge but that is far from what is needed. There for progress is ... difficult to put in nicely.
I am seeking a coder/programmer who is fluent with mysql, php, python and asp (more may be needed depending on the programmers oppinion) who is interested in working for contracted royalties.
I already have a server and domain. I have concept images and features listings as well as any other development needed. All I need is for somebody to put it together.
I am serious when i say that this site has serious potential! You will get thousand more than you put into it! Let me know anyone who is interested in helping out.  


  • silverdragonrssilverdragonrs subscriber Posts: 2
    sorry dont have tiem to look all over that site for what you want me to see... you mind saying something more than a simple link? no-spec... ok what is it?
  • CookieMonsterCookieMonster subscriber Posts: 0
  • silverdragonrssilverdragonrs subscriber Posts: 2
    ok i got it... so that is fine for you... however it does not change my need for assistance... and as I said I would use a contract. obligating me to pay. The person does not have to sign the contract if they do not like the site concept or think it would make money. They simply move on... so to state NO SPEC without even knowing the sites potential is a little blind dont you think? thats just my oppinion...
    anyone out there care to go out on a limb and take a look?
  • silverdragonrssilverdragonrs subscriber Posts: 2
    I agree... and that is kind of what i am proposing.. Notice i did not say future "payment" I stated royalties. Royalties include stock in the company making the individual partial owner and that person gets a percentage of the sites income indeffinetly. It seems to me that the only risk involved is bad judgement or inferior performance. The more effort the individual puts into this project the more they will get out of it. I actually have a team involved on this project i am simply short anyone with the technical experience I require. However I concider each and every person who contributes to the success of this venture a partner. Everyone has a say in things here and I am completely open to any good ideas. I just can`t seem to find anyone interested.. perhaps its my choice of wording... I do not know. this is not something I have ever done before. (recruiting people without money up front) i agree that it is tricky. I just wish somebody would come forward and state what it is they would require to make this happen because I would be willing to do just about anything short of handing it over. (I believe this site has potential in the millions) It is actually kind of similar to this very site here in a few ways. But I do not wish to disclose any of my IP here outside of a NDA.
    Thanks for your reply CampSteve it gives me something to chew on so to say.
  • silverdragonrssilverdragonrs subscriber Posts: 2
    Thank you for your input... i wish you had told me this via email or some othe means though... now this thread is unlikely to get any possitive responces no matter how much editing or rewording I do...  oh well.. thanks for your help though
  • silverdragonrssilverdragonrs subscriber Posts: 2
    Oh well perhaps I will simply get some price quotes in town (i live an hour away from town) and see about saving up...  it will simply take much longer and i run the chances of somebody else building a site like mine in the mean time... but it would appear that I do not have any other choices. Thank you everyone for any assistance you may have given.  
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