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Please help...Idea Man Needs An Idea

shemwelljrshemwelljr subscriber Posts: 2
edited July 2008 in Selecting a Business
I`m a newbie here, but I`ve been lurking for quite a while now.  I currently own and operate two businesses, one a residential cleaning service and one a mobile auto detailing business.  My wife and I work in these together.  Here is my problem:
Though our current businesses are good for personal income, I want to start other businesses all the time.  I`m bored in my own businesses.  I made a mistake in bypassing college when I had a chance to go anywhere I wanted on academic scholarships, and I feel somewhat unfulfilled scrubbing toilets and cleaning up the disasters that people create in their personal vehicles.  I`m also very much an "idea man".  I`ve got a million of them, many that I`ve played with to some extent or another, but I have ADD and have a hard time staying focused.  So, other than the constants, I have a tendency to bounce around and work on a myriad of ideas that I just can`t find time to turn into something.  I have ideas for new businesses, for improvements on existing businesses, for ways to market businesses, etc.  The problem is that ideas are worth nothing unless put into practice, and I cannot earn a living and spend all of my free time developing businesses that will take up more of my time.
So, help an "idea man" come up with an idea of how to make a business out of my ideas without actually starting the businesses up by myself.  I have an idea for everything and everyone else, but I can`t come up with one for myself, lol.  There has to be a way to earn income off of my ideas.  Right now I have many that just sit and aren`t doing anyone any good.  I have worked in a lot of different industries over the years,  and I know of niches that exist that can make people money in various service businesses.  I just need some way to implement them into a workable business for myself that is more fulfilling than what I currently have.
Thanks for any comments or suggestions.


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    shemwelljrshemwelljr subscriber Posts: 2
    Oh, I realize that ideas by themselves are worthless.  I would love to find a way to put them to use by working with others if possible.  I know there are people out there wanting to start their own business but that don`t have a lot of ideas.  I have ideas, but can`t run more and more businesses as I`m only one person.
    The reason that I didn`t go to college was the I grew up fairly poor and was working at a company directing the marketing and was making better money than my dad ever did.  The next step up in the company, which was a realistic opportunity, was a 100k plus position.  Try telling an 18 year old kid that they need to go to college when they are staring down the barrel of such a salary.  I had thoughts of going to an engineering school locally but bypassed it because I was making good money (for a kid) and didn`t see the need for it.  Ah, to be 18 and short-sighted again, lol.
    I`m not ashamed of "cleaning toilets" and I actually enjoy the work I do more than most people probably would.  Frankly, detailing vehicles gives me more satisfaction, but I digress.  Anyway, though I reasonably enjoy what I do and am quite good at it, I`m almost 31 now and I don`t want to be doing this when I`m 61.  I`ve always been one that wants to own and run a company, not own and run my own job.  I would like to use my intellect for something more than what I do now.  It isn`t fulfilling mentally. 
    As an ADDer, I search and long for mental stimulation.  I just can`t get that cleaning a house or detailing a vehicle.  It is especially mind numbing when cleaning the same place over and over.  So, I`m looking for a way to do something else, even just part-time, with the ideas that I have that will hit that itch that I just can`t scratch doing what I`m currently doing.  I`ve had many businesses on the side, but I can`t devote what they need and continue doing what I`m doing to make ends meet for myself.
    I have no problem with physical labor, I would just like to be able to use my mind for something more than keeping my skull from collapsing.  Maybe I presented this wrong.  I was hoping that someone else like me found a niche somewhere where they could take those ideas to people and do something with them without having to be involved in every decision and every act.  I`m having a difficult time asking the right question because to tell the truth, I`m not sure what I`m looking for because I don`t know what others might have found to fulfill that need to be intellectually stimulated while doing something with the ideas that are in their head.
    Craig, to answer the question that you raised about what I think the meaning of the concept "business" is, I`ll do my best.  First, that is a very abstract question.  Business involves so much more than, like you say, making money.  Business involves finding a way to provide something that fills a need or desire that others have.  It involves developing concepts, working with others toward a common goal, conducting onesself in a professional manner, etc.  Handling one`s business involves what they do for a "living", something that becomes a part of them to some extent.  To me, operating a business implies more than simply handling mundane tasks, though that isn`t absent from the equation, but it involves planning a course for the business and implementing things to reach goals.  I hope that is what you were going for.  I`m not always the best with abstract questions, as I could have misinterpreted what you were going for there.
    Thanks for the advice so far.  I`m sorry if I gave off the wrong impression.  I do enjoy what I do now, but only on certain levels.  The intellectual side of me is bored and I have all of these ideas sitting here with nothing to do with them.  It just seems to be a waste.  (Oh, and I realize they aren`t all million dollar ideas, in fact, none may be even close to that.  However, they could benefit someone out there, and I would like to find a way to find those looking for such ideas, I just don`t know how.)
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    justryingtohelpjustryingtohelp subscriber Posts: 2
    Just a suggestion but why don`t you take what you currently do and break it down to sell as an ebook, or membership course type program to others?  It would provide you with mental stimulation and start with what you already know but grow into new areas. 
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    diena06diena06 subscriber Posts: 0
    for me, to start a new business to be completely in Balance with the intention and spirit to succeed.

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