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Looking to start a fitness/sports based business

rbmtbjjrbmtbjj subscriber Posts: 1
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I want to start an online business that sells supplements or maybe small cheap home equipment...my goals
for this business are rather small. i graduated from college 2 years
ago and hate my job i dont make that much money. If i could make 500
bucks a week i would be happy because thats about what i make now and
then i would be able to quit and start another kind of business. the
only good thing about my job is that they really dont seem to care and
i could probably work on my business while at work as long as i get my
regular stuff done. this idea is more of a supplemental income idea
until I can figure out something else..
i really enjoy working out, supplements, mixed martial arts, and all
other health related activities so i figured this could beb the best
route for me..If anyone has any ideas that can help me or any other
start up or existing work at home business i would greatly appreciate it! I am in the Los Angeles area if that helps
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Joel10/13/2008 10:16 AM


  • ChikeChike subscriber Posts: 2
    Hey rbmtbjj,
    My situation is completely parallel to yours. Except, I just graduated in May. And also, Im in Boston. I`m heavy into fitness as well and would love to make some supplemental income by starting a small business. I was going to create a greeting card business but im not sure if that field really intrugues me that much. If you want to exchange ideas, you know where to find me.
  • WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    it`s a growing market and even if it doesn`t grow i don`t see it disappearing.  there is definitely demand out there but also a ton of competition.  think about the edge you will be offering.  your passion will help you carry through tough times as a startup but rewards will be very good.  since you have some time at work i suggest researching what you are about to do as much as possible before delving in.
    that said, if you are looking for something to add supplemental income to your current income flow, consider paid surveys online. not sure if you have had experience with these but if you do get involved i have put together a site that gives away free tips and strategies that you can use. you can check it below.
    good luck to you and keep us posted what you decide to do and how you did it!
  • easyprintseasyprints subscriber Posts: 0
    I know a lot of customers who started a home based business selling custom printed sporting apparel.  There is very little start up cost, all you need is a heat press and you are ready to get started.   If you have contacts in the different sports, this might be an avenue to explore.
    easyprints10/21/2008 11:38 AM
  • WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    just thought of this....since you seem to be interested in the fitness realm, what about becoming a fitness coach online? there is a need for fitness consulting in a private environment. perhaps clients can express their feelings to you better online? tell you their weight, dimensions, their specific issues?
    you can design a diet and exercise plan for them, be there as a coach to consult and hold them accountable....and ongoingly evaluate progress? with the technological advances today there is a lot that can be done over email/phone/video conferencing. the good thing about this is that you can communicate with clients at your convenience. they drop you a note whenever they have time. you evaluate their situation and respond to them whenever you have time.
    you will definitely miss out on the human touch aspect, but then again maybe some would prefer not to have that to begin with.  the gym i go to has a similar set up where a computer coaches/consults individuals interested in getting help. its private and confidential. gym members come and play around with the kiosk and the leave with a plan to follow for the next few weeks. they come back, evaluate and get back to it with a revised plan.  worth looking into??
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