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Entrepreneurial TV

ScottyScotty subscriber Posts: 1
I`m simply not into reality shows. There so, um, unreal! On the other hand, I like programs that highlight people`s success and what it took to get there. One such show is Recipe for Success on Food Network. This program highlights  people who have dreams of owning their own food based businesses. The show is made for tv, and there is only so much detail that can be given in a 30 minute block plus commecials, but some shows are very inspirational. You can find more info about this show at http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/show_raDo you have a show that you like to watch that highlights the ups and downs of starting and owning a business? Let the rest of us know about it. Include links where you can. If it is something only on DVD/VHS, include an Amazon.com link


  • RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
    did we just get something delegated to us?
  • ScottyScotty subscriber Posts: 1
    did we just get something delegated to us?Delegated? You mean, it`s not already in the works? Engraver is right, once the beta for the site here is done, what else will you have to do? But seriously, here is another series. This one is on AOL`s broadband connection. I`ve watched a few, but they were not coming out regularly, so I see now I have to catch up. "The Start-up 2" can be found here: http://smallbusiness.aol.com/thestartup/year2/video Who would have thought doggy ice cream could actually be marketed?Rich, what would be neat is following a start up from our community with a video camera, highlighting the 10 Steps to Open for Business, and making it available for download.Scott
  • watergalwatergal subscriber Posts: 10 Bronze Level Member
    What a fabulous idea for another reality show Kim!  Ooh, maybe we can start a petition and send it to Simon Cowell
  • OfficeSpaceJeffOfficeSpaceJeff subscriber Posts: 0
    There used to be a show on public TV called the Money Hunt, which had entrepreneurs talk about their business plans.  The winner would receive some mentoring from a hot-shot in their field.
    There was also a show called The Turnaround on CNN which I loved.  They would have the owner of a major company come in and show an entrepreneur how to turn-around their fledgling business.
    For some reason these shows have never done well.  It`s too bad - I found them rather enlightening.  Apparently only The Donald has figured out how to make it work big time.
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