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Becoming a Vendor for Stores

bigslickbigslick subscriber Posts: 4
edited August 2007 in Business Planning
I have been in the process of starting up a company over the past 3 years.  Currently I am having a company manufacture my product which should be ready in 3-4 weeks (exciting times). 
Here is my question.  Although I will be starting with a grass routes effort, ideally I would like this product on the big stores shelves.  All agreements that I read with these companies ask for a Dunn and Bradstreet Number and check.  Does anybody have any information on this?  How can you use this service if you are not an established company and do not have a credit history as a company?
Thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated.


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    bigslickbigslick subscriber Posts: 4
    Thanks Ron.  Your tips on building up credit are helpful.  The funny thing is is that a company would not be required to pay for good until once they are delivered, so there really is no risk that I can see. 
    I guess nowadays it all comes down to who you know and/or how much money you have.  I don`t have either, but I do have a very creative product that I believe in and that has been fun to work on.
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    RetiredMemberRetiredMember subscriber Posts: 0
    Ryan, over on my "other forum" - we did a long thread that has some great details about D&B and building business credit....
    Here`s the link. (We`ll see if a LONG link makes it thru` this way...  )


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     OldNikko2007-8-16 17:42:1
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    Please do NOT click the Caveat Emptor link... I missed changing it to the "front page"...
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