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Startup Hiring Seasoned Professional

WRBishopWRBishop subscriber Posts: 1
I am starting my 4th venture and looking to hire a Regional Sales Manager who would manage 8 independent sales reps for this territory. Because I am a startup I am curious what it is going to take to convince a seasoned professional, five to nine years experience, to drop what he is doing and jump on my team.
What is the best site to post a job opening for this type of individual. Should I try and pluck someone from a like business is my area?
This is going to be a very complex job so I cannot just open the door to anyone and hope for the best. I must find an acceptable candidate. Any advice is much appreciated!


  • SandyPISandyPI subscriber Posts: 8
    Where are you located?
  • 05mustang05mustang subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    I think your ability to attract a seasoned professional will depend heavily on what`s unique or attractive about your business model/products.
    If you`re in a hot area and your business has real potential you should make out okay with hiring in just about any area.
  • SandyPISandyPI subscriber Posts: 8
    I would look for retired or semi retired people. 
  • WRBishopWRBishop subscriber Posts: 1

    Your best bet would not be to pluck someone out of a competitor`s shop. What I usually suggest (and did in a previous career) is to find out who the top sales people are at your competitors and then call them - to ask if they know of anyone in their circle of friends that would be interested in your position. This way you aren`t really trying to recruit them out of the competition, but you are letting them know that there is a position available. Most top sales people like to network with other top sales people so they are the best resource for great talent. And if they aren`t happy in their current position, they will let you know.
     Good luck!

    I think this is exactly what I will be doing. I have already spoken to a few that hit me up all the time with my last business but they are not coming right out and saying they would be interested in speaking with me. I think one or two will at least sit down with me in the coming weeks.
    Thank you for your response!
  • WRBishopWRBishop subscriber Posts: 1

    I would look for retired or semi retired people.  Sandy
    I am not sure this is the right type of person I should be looking for. To me a semi-retired or retired person is up in age and probably out of the business for a reason. I think am in need of a younger energetic person who has plenty of drive left.
    Thank you for your response!
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