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Sarasota Networking

RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
Just back from the first-ever Sarasota Technology Conference. It was very exciting to see the city, brief as it was. Though temporarily stalled from a housing perspective, it`s clear that Sarasota is a city on the come. The downtown has a ton of character. But more importantly, it seems to have a core group of committed community members.
Let`s make this a place where Sarasotan entrepreneurs have an opportunity to continue the dialogue that was sparked at today`s event. In the spirit of Ringling himself, the founder of Sarasota, think big (or big top, as the case may be).


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    keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    Did you tour Ringling`s home? If not, do it next time.
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    RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
    not this time around - but next time for sure. thanks, R@!
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    brentbrent subscriber Posts: 0
    I was delighted at the quality of the tech conference and at the large turn-out.  Clearly the entrepreneurial spirit is strong with Sarasota.  I am looking forward to the next event.
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    LarryS2DLarryS2D subscriber Posts: 1
    I have recently established a much needed home-delivery service called Store 2 Door Deliveries in Sarasota, Florida. It is specifically designed to provide you with a unique way to shop Local retailers and purchase your groceries Online--then have everything delivered to your door the next day. My target audience is new Mom`s, busy young professionals, and homebound seniors.
    The website, www.store2doordeliveries.com</A> helps promote local retailers who do not want to invest in their own website, and also provides them with an online shopping cart for the convenience of customers. I deal with the credit card transaction, pick up the merchandise and deliver it the next day. This service broadens the retailer`s revenue base, and provides a convenience for customers who don`t normally shop at their store. I save the customer time and fuel.
    I have sent out press releases, done some direct mail, am networking, and going to begin some advertising shortly. I would like to ask for suggestions in how to get intial customers to try this service, as hopefully it will grow due to word-of-mouth.
    I also offer a free service to people who do not require delivery of groceries. I allow the potential customer to go on the site, build a complete list of groceries (with brand names) they use on a regular basis, and store them in their shopping list. They can add to this throughout the week, and then print it out to take with them when they go to the store. My advantage in this is there is enough white space on what they print out to allow room for my logo and an ad promoting my services, such as `gift certificates` being available, and so on. There is also room for me to place ads for my retailers.
    Any suggestions in how to spread the word with email about this feature will be greatly appreciated. Sorry this is so long, but I have never been in a forum before. Thanks, Larry KelleherLarry A. Kelleher, President www.store2doordeliveries.com
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    LDeckerLDecker subscriber Posts: 0
    I just heard about: StartupNation, while I was online seeking help for establishing a business plan. I`m sorry I missed this event. I`ll be able to know now that I`ve just joined the online membership.
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    skpskp subscriber Posts: 0
    Rich and Jeff,Thanks so much for your inspiring talk at the Sarasota Technology Conference.  I thought it was a great and well-run event, especially for a first-time conference.  It has definitely inspired me to start thinking about start-up possibilities of my own.
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    RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
    glad we could spark you!!!!
    what`s in the way?
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    skpskp subscriber Posts: 0
    I`ve got the germ of an idea I`m playing around with, but I need to flesh it out more (and more importantly, find out if anyone else out there is doing something similar).  But, after the conference, I`ve started making notes and doing research.  
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    mills97mills97 subscriber Posts: 0
    Larry -
    Great idea ... my husband had a similar business idea a few years ago. 
    Check out www.fastpitchnetworking.com</A> 
    They`re offering  a speed networking event in Sarasota in November.
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