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In Step 9 of our 10 Steps to Grow Your Business process, we talk about
different kinds of people who may hold the key to your marketing
success.We classify those people into several categories:"Know-It-Alls""Known-By-Alls""Know-No-Fears""Know-Everyones"You can check out the more detailed descriptions on this page,
but i was wondering if you might want to share some perspective on how
these kinds of people can be important to your success. For
example, what happens when the "Know-It-Alls" (also known as "mavens"
in Malcolm Gladwell`s "The Tipping Point") start blabbing about  how
great your product or service is? Well, the answer is... it`s HUGE!!!
This kind of word of mouth from people who are in the know can make a
profound impact on your customer volume...Anyone got anything on..."Know-It-Alls"
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