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New here and looking for help.  I started my website about 8 years ago and it was always just a hobby.  It`s a community website that now is pretty much just a message board and a chat room.  I`ve never advertised but I`ve had tremendous bouts of traffic because I own a name generator that I built a long time ago that gets thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of hits a day.About a year ago some radio disk jocky went to my name generator on his show and I was flooded with traffic and a friend convinced me to put some google ads on it.  I made more than $700 that day and almost $3,000 that month.  I decided that there could be some real money in this if I put my mind to it.  Since then I`ve been making a lot less, but I still make a couple hundred a month which more than pays for hosting.I`m currently looking for someone who may want a piece of it in exchange for helping with SEO and driving traffic to the site and whatever else they feel like they want to do to help.  I`m currently working on building a MySpace/Facebook like profile manager.  I also own a few other good names that I`d like to do similar things with.


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