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How can I drive more business to my website

sauceladysaucelady subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2007 in Marketing
I have a website www.rozanacuizine.com</A> and would like to get people to order my sauces. How do I go about doing this? I have been told to link to other sites but how do I get other sites to link up?


  • LCGLCG subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Saucelady,You can search in google to find the websites which related to your biz with the keywords such as restaurants, cafe, chefs, recipes, cooking, etc. If you are interested in some of them, then try to contact the webmaster of each website. You can send an email or a letter to the webmasters which explained that you are interested in their website and ask them to link your website to their websites and you will do link reciprocally. Another suggestions, find some online forum which topics related to your biz, such as chefs forums, etc. Be active in the forum and put the signature of your website. Some forums may allow us to put the signature. Another way is what you did ... alywas show your url in any discussions..Newsletter is also a very important to let them know that you are still exist. Probably you can share some chefs tips or recipes in a newsletter which you can make weekly, bi-weekly, or at least 1 month.In off-line, give some free samples to some chefs, and let them promote your sauce if they like.  Word of mouth, specially from chefs will be worthable to advertise your sauce, because your biz is about `TASTE`.....Good luck!
    LCG2006-11-26 0:13:49
  • eToucheTouch subscriber Posts: 1
    You can drive traffic to your site in a hanfull of ways:1. SEO - Search Engine Optimization of your site within the indexed results of a search.2. Active Advertising - on Engine results (PPC)3. Affiliation - with other sites of your market; maybe even a link swap.4. CONTENT - have your site`s content dynamic enough to bring back your viewers.5. Mail notifications - though lists of people on the MSN, Yahoo, Gmail, whatever, groops that Opt to have email sent to them about your market.Hope that helps, (your site was down when I tried to view it.)
    eTouch2006-11-26 14:6:44
  • edobedoedobedo subscriber Posts: 0
    I just checked on what types of sauces people are looking for on the net and how many times each search term was searched on last month (results do NOT include Google). Looks like quite a few of the search terms below would be relevant to your products. Using a Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign would work for your business, just make sure you know what your doing so you don`t throw $$$ away!



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     cocktail sauce
  • CookieCookie subscriber Posts: 2
    You all are so generous in taking the time to respond & help with info.  Besides the person asking the question, all of us visiting the forum benefit from the exchange.  I invented & market a gardening tool (www.wedgie.biz</A>) & have been surprised at how I`ve been linked to other websites without even asking.  I think webmasters do it knowing it raises THEM in the search engine rankings as well.  So my advice is -- network, network, network & get people to look at your website.  If they like what they see, you`ll get those links.
    Cookie Wherry
  • dbinkowskidbinkowski subscriber Posts: 0
    A couple of suggestions:1. I don`t know what kind of deal you have worked out with your e-commerce provider but it`s really not user-friendly. If someone wants to order online it takes several clicks to get to the store and ordering process -- I recently set up my wife`s business on Shopify and it works great. Their cost per transaction is low and it integrates seamlessly with Google Checkout -- which is a big plus if you decide to use Google Adwords for your PPC campaign.2. There are a ton of outlets online where you can get publicity and links to your site. I run an online word of mouth practice and do this regularly for my clients, big and small.3. Affiliate programs - typically low to no cost to set up, other web sites create unique, trackable links that pay other webmasters for publishing your links. You are required to pay a % of the sale to the webmasters if a sale is made; if not then nothing lost.Hope that helps, feel free to contact me directly.Dave
  • sharashara subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi SauceLady,
    One way to get links to your site is to write articles on sites such as Work.com and Squidoo.com. Work.com www.work.com</A> is a community of small businesspeople who contribute business how-to guides - you can write your own guide about starting a food business, etc. and share your expertise. That will establish you as an expert, and you can add your link to your author profile. You could also mention your company in your guide, but to be most effective and credible, link to a variety of other resources too.
    Good luck!
     shara2006-11-30 17:29:20
  • KenR9556KenR9556 subscriber Posts: 0
    Sauce Lady,I agree with Cartess.  Looks like an interesting product.More than once I`ve heard and read about the importance of having a content rich website that is more than just an attempt to sell.  Whereas location can be key in building traffic in a brick-and-mortar business, information is king in driving traffic to a website.Edobedo provided you with a nice list of keywords containing the word "sauce".  You might also investigate keywords related to marinades, all natural foods, low or no sodium, etc.  There are several tools available online you can look into such as Word Tracker and Overture.  Just type "keyword selector tool" into your favorite search engine to see what`s out there.  Word Tracker has a trial version you can use for starters.Once you have your keywords, develop content for your site addressing these keywords.  Recipes are an obvious topic.  You might also offer tips for slow cooking, grilling, etc.  You may even provide your opinion on some of the best equipment and tools for cooking with your sauces and run a cross promotion with the companies that manufacture or sell them.Someone suggested a newsletter.  That`s always a good idea for drawing traffic, because essentially anyone who signs up for your newsletter has given you permission to tell them more about your products.  Unless you plan to devote yourself to a truly phenomenal newsletter, I`d suggest making it a quick and easy read.  One way to do that is to develop tip sheets.  Tip sheets are everywhere and they`re popular because they`re quick and easy to digest.  10 Steps to Better Broiling.  7 Ways to Spice Up Your Holidays.   Press releases are another way to get publicity for your product and website.  Look beyond the biggest paper in town.  Look for smaller papers or regional sections in the paper as well.Just like the content on your site, think of articles that tie into a trend or the season.  Look at what you have to offer from every angle and think of who would be interested.  Any article you develop can be used repeatedly for all the things mentioned above.
  • jrmuddjrmudd subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Saucelady,

    You have a nice looking site. Your product is interesting and attractively packaged too.

    I would suggest that you sprinkle in a couple of the testamonials on
    the home page. Make them stand out by giving them a different font and
    placing them in a box with a different background color from the site
    background - what copywriters call a Johnson box.

    Also since your name is used on the site and product, you should have
    your picture on there. Your potential customer wants to see you, be
    reassured that you are a real live person. This will help build trust -
    always an important factor in online sales.

    It was mentioned before, but it needs to be said again - your online store is costing you customers. Some factors to note:

    I have to REALLY want to buy your sauce to make a purchase
    through your site. It takes at least 6 clicks just to get where I enter
    my credit card info. Clicks are like customer filters - every click
    required will cause some people to click away  from your site. Not
    what you want.
    I had to really look for a way to get to the order section of the site. Much too hard.
    While it is labeled a "security server," it doesn`t appear to be
    a secure site. I should see the little lock icon at the bottom of my
    browser and the URL should start with https. Your order page doesn`t. I
    would be nervous about entering my card details on that page.
    The store should look as much like the rest of the site as possible.

    I would drop the shopping cart you currently use. In its place I 
    would put a picture of each sauce on the home page, along with "Buy
    Now" and "Add to Cart" buttons for each. - maybe below the page text or
    a sidebar. I would also have a link for "More information" for each
    that leads to a nice detailed page for each product. Here you would
    give complete details along with more buying buttons.

    You can set up a system like this using Paypal or Google Checkout
    without a merchant account and for reasonable fees. Since it appears
    that you have a merchant account, 1shoppingcart.com also has a nice system
    plus many other features such as newletter management.

    The idea of writting articles is also good. You can submit articles to
    free article directories - goarticles.com and ezinearticles.com are
    just two of many places you could use.

    Your articles would be published on their site, plus other webmasters
    could use your article on their websites or newsletters. In return they
    would have to include your resource box with a link back to your site.
    Your articles shouldn`t try to directly sell your product - tips and
    hints about food and cooking in general would be good. You would get to
    have a short plug in your resource box as well as link to the site.

    Another way to drive traffic is to start an affiliate program. Your
    affiliates would link to your site from their sites. If they send you a
    paying customer they get a commission. The 1shoppingcart system
    provides affiliate management also.

    Of course you can buy clicks to your site as well. Google adwords is
    the biggest pay per click advertising service and when you buy ads from
    them they give you credit towards order processing on the Google
    Checkout system. You can spend a lot fast, with little reward if you
    aren`t careful here. Perry Marshall has one of the best books about
    Adsense for a small price (http://www.perrymarshall.com/adwords/index.htm).

    Finally, you may want to check out Make Your Site Sell from the people
    at SiteSell.com. This 7 volume, 1500 page ebook has been the bible for
    information websites and web traffic generation for years. I had to pay
    for my copy, but it is now FREE. The link to the free download page is
    http://myss.sitesell.com/  Anyone wanting to do business on the
    Internet should read it and you can`t beat the price.

    Good luck.

    jrmudd2006-12-2 2:57:50
  • YoungWealthMarketingYoungWealthMarketing subscriber Posts: 0
    Well I am glad that someone asked this simple question it is one that I was going to post but after reading over it I have found some great answers in generating more views to my site. Thanks Saucelady for the initial post and all of the rest of you for your answers.Brock Keen www.youngwealthmarketing.com
    YoungWealthMarketing2006-12-2 19:51:9
  • colonjcolonj subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello saucelady, all you need for your website is traffic. Getting traffic to your site might be hard if you dont know how to get consistent traffic coming thru. So before you start trying to get traffic to your website i suggest you learn the rights and wrongs about mlm marketing.
    PS drop and email if you have any more questions you would like to be answered.( By the way i am in the mlm and any other type of marketing bussiness you can think of)
  • daleyfla99daleyfla99 subscriber Posts: 1
    We have had good luck on OurBestIdea with webrings driving traffic.  Check into Yahoo and hunt up a ring of food people, ie. receipe ring and join in.  Also posting comments on food sites with a signature that links back to your website might be a good idea too.
  • williamwilliam subscriber Posts: 2
    Either through hard work performing SEO, contenet management, and quality listings within the industry your in.  No junk inbound links from partner sites.Adwords are another source of advertising.  Just don`t expect instant oatmeal with quick results.  Patience and continual efforts are necessary for both organic and premium listings.
  • sauceladysaucelady subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for your great idea. But what do you mean by a signature? How do I create that?
  • sauceladysaucelady subscriber Posts: 1
    William thanks for your input but you lost me a little. How do I go about getting Adwords and so on....
  • sauceladysaucelady subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Colonj,
    Is there a book that will teach the right and wrong way of driving traffice to a site???
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