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I am looking to start an educational consultancy and have been looking for grants to fund my start-up.  I have been talking to a company that provides coaching services for securing funds for a business.  They guarantee that they will work with you until you receive the funds you need.  They want to charge approx. $8,500.  My question is, has anyone had any experience with this type of coaching--is it a ripoff?  Is is worthwhile?  If not, can anyone offer suggestions for grants or any other funding for starting a for-profit education consultancy?


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    Obtaining a grant is dependent on many factors - not the least of which is you and your idea. An experienced grant writer can help you prepare and submit a "proper" application - but no one can "guarantee" you will receive a grant.
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    $8500 is a lot of money. I dont know how much money you are looking for, but I am using a company right now that garuantees getting you funding if you have a good fico score. I am still in the early stages with them. I also got approved for a SBA loan, but I am going with this company. Its more like business cash credit loans. Check out</A>, and email Chad Lee. Say Lee Vang`s Business Management, LLC refer you. They are very professional althougth the funding does take awhile. I am going to the bank next week to try and get the funds (100-125k, unsecure line of cash credit). I`ll update everyone.
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    Thanks everyone for your feedback.  I am moving forward with my idea, and am very excited about it.  I appreciate the time you took to respond and help me make decisions to benefit my business.
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    No, by moving forward I meant using my funds to start the business myself.  Of course we were skeptical of the entire "coaching" thing from the beginning, but wanted to hear other opinions out there.  I am very committed to making this work, and am working on other ways to obtain the funds I need.  Thanks again for your input.    
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    I am glad to hear your using your funds to start your business. I also would have been skeptical of the coaching??? thing???.  If you stay focused and keep the big guy upstairs involved it is sure to be a success. Always believe in your dreams and they WILL come true.My website my benefit you, it may not. If so call me and we can talk, otherwise I look forward to hearing of your success!
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    I am new to this form, and from what I have seen
    over the last few days has been a great eye opener. In short I purchased Grant
    Seeker Pro (guide to government grants), and I was told that I needed to retain
    a Grant writing coach for about $8,500 US dollars. After reading comments
    posted I have decided to raise the capital myself, and work on the grant portion
    myself. Thanks for your public commentary regarding your experiences. I hope to
    learn more hear.f anyone has any information about rising
    capital for for-profit origination, please let me know. I can go into grater
    details. Thank you in advance.  Bishop
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    I was told that I needed to retain a Grant writing coach for about $8,500 US dollars. Bishop
    Believe me - there are professional grant writers who can /will help you for less. A grant writer can`t "guarantee" you will receive a grant - but a poorly done application will guarantee that you don`t.
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