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InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
I really don`t like BuyDomains.com. I see their adds running on this site and it makes me queasy. Why?
Why would anyone buy a domain from this company?


  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    The company has a chance to get its message into these message boards but I think the readership here deserves to know *all* the facts.CookieMonster2007-2-14 21:48:31
  • efoozleefoozle subscriber Posts: 2
    So many issues so little time. I think if CookieMonster doesn`t like BuyDomains then he is welcome to voice his opinion. Just because BuyDomains sponsors this site does mean that people forfeit their rights to free speech. Nor does it mean they should get any special treatment. I do agree that if you want to keep your domain name, then sign up for it and don`t let it lapse. If you let it lapse and then want it back a month later when it is 10X more then it is your fault. On the other hand, these big registrars do take extreme advantage of the system. Especially Verisign. I think my biggest problem with the whole thing is when they hold the pages for years trying to get thousands when nobody is bidding.
  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    Domain Names, Domain Names, Domain Names!!!This topic comes up very often in the forum. Cookie Monster, I agree with you I don`t like BUYDOMAINS.com, First of all because they are competitors, and second of all I hate their business practice. I hate almost every domain registrars business ethics. Its easy to register a domain aname with them and a pain in the rear end to manage it and its like the minute you want to transfer it they call you day and night with these promotions to try to keep you. If they would have done their work you wouldn`t be transfering in the first place. Let me give you an example: I don`t know if you`ve ever registered a domain name with Yahoo.com? In reality. you are not registering it with Yahoo. The name of the company you are actually registering your domain name with is MELBOURNE IT out of Australia. (same goes for Microsoft free domain registration) So lets say you decided to start working on your web site, transfered your hosting, but need to point your domain name to another servers such as: ns1.nuevohost.net, here is where the real problem begins... Even worse try adding name servers to your domain. A name server is when you register an IP address to your domain (advanced domain name features) then you are out of luck. If you can afford to call MELBOURNE IT be my guest. As for go Daddy? what can I say his empire is about to end very soon... I am transfering domain names for customers at a rate of 40 a day. Thats alot..As for your domain name expiring? Please don`t let that happen. As of July of last year the rules have changed... Did your registrar tell you that? If you let your domain name expire you have 15 days to renew not 30, If you don`t renew within the first 15 days it goes into grace period, where you can still get it back. The second step is Redemption Period,  once your domain name goes into redemption period it`s tough to get it back. It will cost you about $260 throu 350.00 to get it back. The final step is Deletion, where they hold it for another 30 days and they do not tell you when it`s available. So the total time it takes for your domain name to hit the public domains is "90 days", now here is the thing. It is not elegal for you to own a domain name lets say for example: Lucasfilms.com... If I registered it, hey I registered it... There is no law governing that Only Lucas films can register that domain name because they have full rights over the name Lucas Films.. Here is where people get scare. Here is where people are under the assumption they are going to sued.. If George Lucas didn`t dish out 10.00 bucks for his domain name and I registered it, It is mine... As long as I don`t call him and try to sell it to him I am fine, Im just going to sit on it until he makes me an offer. Anyone can register a domain name regardless if the name is a trademark.. He might have his paperwork stating that his name is a trademark, but not the domain name... two different things...
  • CSPURGEONCSPURGEON subscriber Posts: 10
    So you are saying that its wrong for someone to take a domain name (that has expired) and sell it for a price. But it`s not wrong to use a name of someone`s invention, personallity, or movie star.
    Come on, it all comes down to buying and selling domains is a business. Whether they are an advertiser or not. That is the way they are going to do their business.
    Is it any different than a storage unit that you have rented and "forgot" to pay the bill to renew it for a month or year whatever. They are going to take your articles and sell them. Either by auction or one heck of a garage sale.
    Nevertheless if it was important to you, you would not have let it expire!
  • efoozleefoozle subscriber Posts: 2
    Nuevolution,When I started reading I saw Yahoo and Domain names together and automatically knew your problem. I had a customer sign up for a Yahoo domain name once. Needless to say, 5 weeks later I couldn`t map it to a hosting service and went through all kinds of craziness just to figure out how to type in a non Yahoo host. Terrible interface for domain management. I have never had a lot of luck with large/popular hosting companies. I have two different ones that I have used for years and they haven`t let me down yet.
  • efoozleefoozle subscriber Posts: 2
    BrandAlchemy,1. Depends on the company2. Depends on the company3. History would agreeAs for hosting and domain names being a commodity, I believe they are. The only thing that really sets them apart, like all commodities, is price and QoS.Godaddy has been in trouble many times because of business practices and ethics. When I read about them it was two years ago and I haven`t heard to much since. I would have to Google it and look for article on them to see if anything is happening lately.
  • efoozleefoozle subscriber Posts: 2
    When you say `in trouble`, do you mean `in court`, `sued`, or just that people don`t like them?
    I believe all of the above.If I remember correctly the owner/founder of godaddy has had a large amount of questionable business pratices and businesses. But don`t quote me on that. efoozle2007-2-15 11:21:44
  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    BrandAlchemy? First of all who are you? I never had heard of you on the forum, for some reason the way you type just tells me that you are a wanna be know it all, that sits in front of your computer trying to educate yourself online. No Credentials the only thing you can say is "I googled it". I wish I could have educated myself by googling topics instead if dishing out 55K to go to college. It would be funny if a customer of mine needed, customer support transfering their domain name to our servers and me telling him, let me google your response I will get back to you shortly. Alchemy, Yes I know I have broken links on my web site, We are currently working on a Domain name API that allows customers to purchase, check WHOIS records in real time and it even gives you a domain name spin, Thanks for reminding me... I appreciate it (as if I didn`t know)Elids, Registering a domain name can be done by any-one at any given time. So what if they have copyrighted paperwork that says "Noone can use our name" Sure on printed media without their permission. But the truth of the fact is domain names are in the public domains and any one can register them. Sit on them and not have to worry about getting sued. I noticed you brought up ICANN.. I am accredited by them so can you please tell me where in the ICANN manual does it state that you can`t register a domain name that has a trademark on it. The only way you can loose a battle is if: (this is a real life example) you let the domain name expire, it goes into redemption period, deletion and.. someone snags it.. which in reality once you let your domain expire for what ever reason it goes into a Domain Drop List. In the domain name Drop List you can bid in "points" not cash, 1 point is equal to 1 dollar in the domain registration world. Then what you do is Bid your points on the domain name. So lets say I bidded 20 points on the domain name, and I purchased the domain name. If you took the time to copyright, the domain name and you have proof that you did... by law after you show me the proof, and we agree on a price, then only by law I have to give it to you. If not, I don`t have to... I registered it, it`s mine.. This topic goes way out there... It would take me hours to explain about domains.. Have you guys ever heard of domainers? They live off of selling and buying domains.. *expired domains too... its a great way to make money... What about afternic? they will sell you a domain name for almost 1 million... If you have a chance go to afternic and check out their prices.. the ones that get me is the adult content ones.. I think I saw one in there for 1 million.. My buddy paid 3K for elimadebt.net.. he has copyrights for his company. he didn`t have rights to use the name because it was taken but he bought it..
  • efoozleefoozle subscriber Posts: 2
    That is why I said statements like, "if I remember correctly", "don`t quote me on that", "two years ago", etc... I`m not here throw out random data. I just remember reading some things a while back that were not good. I have yet to Google and find an article over 2 years old about Parsons himself. I might research his last company and see if I find anything. If I don`t, even better.
  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    I agree that anyone can register a domain name. But if the name is trademarked by someone else, even their own proper name (i.e. regis philbin, etc.) you will lose it via ICANN rules and open yourself up to further litigation.Domain name speculation is a thing of the 90`s, it seems to me. If it`s not your core business, I`d move on to profitable stuff.
    Brand, First of all when you register a domain name and it`s available what do you do? you register it right? So lets take the example : Lucasfilms.com, he registed for 10 years (the limit) and he dished out 100 bucks for 10 years, lets say at 10.00  per year. Ok, so now he owns the domain name and he puts a copyright on it. Everything is fine and dandy. Do you know how much it costs to copyright a domain name? Its far out there dude.. Ok so now ten years have gone by and since he is so busy creating the next chapter of Starwars Episode 600 and something. He forgets to re-new the domain name and 90 days after it goes into a domain name droplist and I purchase it because the name sound "prestigious"... So 4 months have gone by and he remembers Oh Snap I forgot to re-new the domain name.. let me try to renew it, but unfortunately he can`t anymore... His first approach is going to be A: Goto the WHOIS database and try to contact me, threatning me that he is going to sue me. Because he "Forgot" to renew the domain name.. What if you have a Privacy ID? How is he going to get a hold of me? Lets say I don`t have a privacy ID on my domain name and he contacts me and tells me that he has copyrights to the name, All I have to do is tell him to send me a copy of the copyrights and that then we can settle on a price. If he has a copyright to the domain name then only do I have to abide to the ICANN rules, and I have to return it at no cost to him. If he doesn`t show copyright paperwork I can stick him for 1 million if I wanted. Now lets say I want to be a pain in the rear end. As a registrar I can change the domain name contact information everyday.. How is he going to get ahold of me if the information is not correct? I been through this before with a private registrar.. ( I don`t want to say who) but they made it impossible for my customer but I was able to find out who owned the domain name and snagged it from them at the price of $290.00, what could have costed the client 10.00.. This topic can go so deep that, man... lets just keep it short... People remember to Re-new your Domain name or you will SOL...Nuevolution2007-2-15 12:21:30
  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    Elids,Thats right all I can do is sit on it. The moment I use it for a web site, I am tarnishing and infringing lucas films. So in short all you can do is sit on it and dream that George Lucas is going to call you directly and offer you a million bucks. That is what most domainers do. Domainers = a person that registers domain names in bulk and resells them to make a profits. Domainers is a huge trend they actually have a Domainers Convention in Florida every year. I wouldn`t want to disclose alot about them, but Elids, they live a lavish life... they have all the toys you can imagine.. the funny thing is they just brag about how many domain names they own and which ones are prestigious and of course they have the cars to show for them... Nuevolution2007-2-15 13:52:12
  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    First of all why would Bob Parson Sue ICANN? ICANN, can simply cancel his Registrar Accreditation. ICANN is like the mother of all domain name registrars? I would like to know on what grounds? That his customers are Pissed Off for bad business ethics or what? BrandAlchemy, Any one can manage simple DNS features(even a monkey). Example if you want to host with another company you just point your domain name elsewhere. It gets tricky when you are a web host company and have to delegate your domain name servers (example: ns1.nuevohost.com and ns2.nuevohost.com) or if you have to create an A Name, CNAME, MX Record incase you are using your own Mail Exchange Server. There are more features to a domain name that you perhaps won`t ever use unless you know what your needs are or what you are trying to accomplish. As for a domain name transfer it takes 5 days for the domain name to propagate through out the World and for the transfer to complete. In the mean time you shouldn`t have any problems with the domain name transfer if you selected that you want to keep your same NS RECORDS. Also, one other feature that ICANN has added to domain name transfering is: prior to transfering a domain name you must get an access code (9 strings) from your current registrar and you have to unlock it before it transfers. Once it transfers you can not transfer for the next 60 days. Keep in mind, before you do this that you update your WhoIs information, the registrar is going to send you an authorization email that you must authorize for the transfer to begin. Another thing, just because it took you 5 seconds to update your DNS records, it takes 24 to 48 hours for the changes to take effect unless you have prompt delegation services on the Domain servers.
  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    This is not true at all. Go ahead, go to princessleia.com right now. You`ll see it`s the personal home page of the girl I gave it to in ... 1998? I think. It`s all about intent. If my intent was to sell goods using the name, like "Princess Leia Hair Wigs featuring that great bun look", then yes I would be in trouble. A fan site is on the border. This is just a personal web site with no commercial purposes which I owned for 3 years before handing it to the current person who has owned it for another 9. If this was an illegal practice, don`t you think LucasFilm would have gotten on that by now? nhgnikole, again you said it.. as long as its not for commercial use/ purposes or that they see you as a threat. I don`t think his interest would be as high on princessleia.com than on lucasfilms.com. If you have it is because he maybe doesn`t even bother with it. Why not try getting starwars.com.. Then come talk to me.. Im pretty sure they would be all over you like bees on honey.
  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    nhgnikole, That was wrong for your registrar to hold your domain name at ransome. This is what we were first talking about... BAD Business practice with some registrars.  
  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    I never imagined that my initial post would cause such a stir. But I agree with most everything that has been said. Domain registration is a slimy business that uses practices few would tolerate in "real-world" commerce. Time to start asking questions when an entire industry is built to take advantage of people. Sharp business practices should be exposed.
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