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I am in the process of revising my website. I was not happy with what I received from the web designer and I am trying to revise the website but do not know much about website designing.


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    sincerely hope you didn`t pay much for a designer to do this. The
    coding looks like a very rudimentary knowledge of HTML and SEO, and
    just seeing the pages shows that. No page titles, descriptive metas, or anything else. The SEO is almost non-existent, and the little bit that is there is doing no good. The text on the pages runs up against the images, making it look crowded.The text in the header image is not very clear. There is very little content on your main page....this is where you will get a viewers attention and interest more than anywhere else. Some content from other pages could be moved here. Different pages have different links along the bottom; these should maybe be placed on their own "Resources" page.Your site could very well be laid out and optimized better than this.
  • nkirurealtynkirurealty Posts: 1subscriber
    Thank you all for your comments. They really helped.
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