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.thomor2007-1-18 1:14:37


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    Is that 60% for the programmer and 40% for the idea?
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    no 60% to the idea(me), and 40% to the programmer. I want to have the controlling interest, because after all its my idea heh.

    I don`t have any problems sharing profit..And I`d rather have 2 people
    on the team, becasue 2 heads are better than one, and this being my
    first venture(of many), I don`t want to learn everything right away by

    ...and yes hiring would be the optimal thing, but it would require a
    bigger investment...and I want to keep the fixed costs low. Because that way  I can wait for the site to be profitable.

    thomor2007-1-17 12:57:33
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    You might want to post the position/opportunity in our new Marketplace, under "Available Projects," if you haven`t already (you can see what I mean here</A>).  You could also do a search of the "Products and Services" listings to see who is a part of our Community already who provides website services.  Good luck!
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    I wish I was a developer... I would be interested in listening.But... I am not.  Thanks for posting though... I am confident you will find someone if your idea and planning is sound.
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    well to tell the truth this was going to be my 2nd project, I already
    have a project in process thats somewhat similiar, but on a grander
    scale. So I think I`ll run this by my current guy, see if he wants
    first dibs

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    What is it?
    roman12007-1-18 11:32:36
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    I wouldn`t mind knowing more.... but i`m just guessing that there are about 20 million people out there with great ideas for websites but no technical talent.
    A requirements document of some sort would be beneficial so a prospective programmer might get an idea of how much time they`d have to invest.  You don`t have to be specific about the idea just the architecture that the idea would require... and what`s the potential rate of return.  How are you going to market said idea? How is the site monetized? Will this be an LLC?
    You have stated:

    "I want to keep the fixed costs low. Because that way  I can wait for the site to be profitable."
    Programmers need to eat too you know.... it`s easy for the guy that invests nothing more than an "idea" to wait.... he`s invested only a little inspiration.  The programmer on the other hand has some real opportunity costs to deal with.  (S)He can actually be earning a profit off of their labor working with someone that has enough faith in their "idea" to invest a little cash up front.
    80% of all new businesses fail... so who`d be taking the biggest risk pursuing YOUR idea.... you or the programmer.  And if you really think that the only thing neccessary for a successful website is the idea (I wouldn`t let the programmers know this is how you feel)... I doubt you find many willing to help unless there`s cash up front.
    Just my opinion mind you.  Worth about 2 cents on the open market.Pokerman2007-1-18 12:18:24
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