Game Idea

NenamusNenamus subscriber Posts: 2
I have played Pc games called MassiveMultiPlayerOnlineRoleplayingGames for 10 years now and I have played almost every one that is out there during that time to try to find the perfect MMO. There have only been a few that have almost hit the nail on the head, and one of them had it halfway in. Anyways back to my point. I do not have any game developing skills though, all I have is an Idea and I can do some concept artwork for my idea. I have hear from people before that this is all you need to pitch a game to a game developer but I have no clue how I would go about that or how to choice the right one.
I have an idea to create a MMO with a playing style that gamers in every single MMO I have played over the years has been looking for. I have been waiting for a long time for a game like it to come out along with almost every single person I have played these games with. We are still waiting...
Anyone know any information relatied to this that could help me please reply, thanks.


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