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*My Denim Fling Introduction*

MyDenimFlingMyDenimFling subscriber Posts: 2
edited August 2007 in New Member Welcome
Greetings Start Up Nation!
I`m so excited to have found this spot on the web.  I`m what I call a perpetual entrepreneur. I`ve got ideas coming out of my whazoo and sometimes I pursue them and sometimes I don`t. My most recent love is a new Tryvertising service called My Denim Fling
My idea is to connect denim brands with the ladies that purchase their jeans.  The meat and potatoes is that I want to present my service to denim brands as a way to directly connect with ladies who have experienced their jeans so that they can get raw, honest true-to-life feedback from women who really wear their jeans. I`m talking the good, the bad, the ugly.  Possibly convincing them to use a portion of their marketing budget on our services instead of questionnaires, polls and focus groups which can in most cases produce skewed answers.
And for the ladies they would receive either free or deeply discounted designer jeans to try, keep and then share their `flings` on our forums.  In addition the denim brands would have access to the forums too and can interact with these ladies to improve, change or penetrate new and untapped markets. Another perk for denim brands would be the great word of mouth buzz they would get from the women, and possibly grow their brand in new and unexpected ways through My Denim Fling. 
I`m not looking to officially launch till Summer 2008, because I think I`ll need a lot of time for developing this further, and growing my network of online Flingers.  I think a great angle for this concept to really blossom is if my site has tons of traffic and hits, this way denim brands can possibly see the benefits this could bring for them. 
Joining would be free for the ladies and that`s what I`m working on now. Getting ladies to join us!
So my question is do you think this concept could work, and how do I spread the word to grow my network so that we have a chance at a successful launch.  Also there is a similar service called She Speaks that is popular that just launched last year, you can take a look at for a similar reference. 
Thank you in advance for reading and hopefully sharing your opinions and advice  


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    storybookstudiostorybookstudio subscriber Posts: 7
    Hello and welcome!
    I know that I have the worst time getting jeans to fit - and some brands are just so disappointing with the way they size them. I hate when jeans for women are designed for a 10 yr old boy! Then again, women come in all shapes and sizes so I can see why a woman with a slimmer figure might have a beef with some brands who design their jeans for the curvier type.
    It`s an interesting idea - especially if you can get a buzz going about the website before you contact the brands. What are your plans to drive traffic to your website? 
    Here are a few shopping related websites and blogs for women. Some send out dedicated emails geared for women, where you may be able to advertise:
    Here`s an interesting website - maybe you could partner with them in some way?
    Your website really looks professional so far. However I did notice that the font in the blue box (below your image of the jeans) is a little small.
    Good luck! I`m sure you will find Startup Nation to be an extremely helpful resource while you are building your business.
     storybookstudio2007-8-9 10:30:34
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    RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
    welcome! welcome!blue jeans being the primary uniform of many an entrepreneur, it`s good to have you among us.rich
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    MyDenimFlingMyDenimFling subscriber Posts: 2
    Thank you to the both of you! 
    Melissa, I appreciate the links. And I`m working on how to drive traffic...this one still stumps me a bit, I`ll be looking for more assistance on that here. 
    And I`ve recently found zafu.com..AWESOME.  I`m actually 8 3/4 months pregnant, so I`ll def check them out in a few months again!
    So thank you Rich for the welcome and you`ll hear more from me in the coming months.
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    storybookstudiostorybookstudio subscriber Posts: 7
    Oprah had a show about jeans. Did you see it? Here`s the link:
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    MyDenimFlingMyDenimFling subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks Melissa,
    I`ve saved the link you posted, I wish there was a way I could target those ladies on the boards, they sound like perfect candidates to be My Denim Flingers!   
    But we`ll just have to find them in other ways.  I`m optimistic!
    Oh and I enlarged the font below my homepage picture too...looks much better and readable.    Thanks for the advice.
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    storybookstudiostorybookstudio subscriber Posts: 7
    No problem.
    I know, I was thinking about the boards, but you`d get booted off for sure if you spammed.
    Have you thought of giving away free products or gift cards to the first 50 women to sign up and maybe take a poll or survey? Offering something for free products are always good motivator!
    I was just complaining to my husband the other day about my Mavi jeans. I got the bigger size, because they were low rise and well, my hips are unfortunately bigger after having the kiddos. Anyway, I can only wear them for a little while because they start to stretch out and fall down - soooo annoying! I`m sure I`m just not getting the right size, but it IS really hard to choose the right size and cut...low rise, high rise, mid rise...thunder thighs  So consider me part of your market research...I think you`ll do well with your website!
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    MyDenimFlingMyDenimFling subscriber Posts: 2
    Again thanks, you seem like a great source of good info.  Much appreciated. Now if I can just research enough, plug enough and use creative tactics maybe tI`ll go far... 
    Myself I have no torso, skinny legs, no waist and a not so much there butt...hmmm not too fem but you work with whatcha got right?!
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    daisylanedaisylane subscriber Posts: 1
    Amen -- do they make comfortable jeans for larger women?
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    MyDenimFlingMyDenimFling subscriber Posts: 2
    Hey there Daisylane,
    There sure do...what your choice will depend on will be budget, style and what you`re comfortable in.  Because you can `consult` a fit book, or guru all day long, but if you`re not comfortable wearing them in your every day life than, that fit isn`t the best for you.  And that`s another reason I`d like to launch My Denim Fling
    If you haven`t already join our newsletter, so you too can participate if we can get this ball a rollin! 
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    JPhrogJPhrog subscriber Posts: 0
    I really like your idea and think it is going to be very successful. I also think your idea can expand into different areas other than just jeans as well.... Good luck..you are doing great
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    ChristinaChristina subscriber Posts: 6
    What a cool idea Welcome to the forums! 
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