Why is Valet the most efficient business ?

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If you have a business or your going to start a business find a business like this. I had to write about my friend`s valet business he started because I thought it was the worst company in the world he could have started; but then he got his first job...
All he did was put his number, under valet, in the phone book and with in a couple of days he gets a call from a lady that had a valet job to park 30 cars and the party would last 5 hours.
Get this... he told the lady that valet for the party would be $500 and she said that she has call around and he was the best price she could find.
So my friend goes on POSTaNEED , cause its pretty big out here, and posts that he needs 2 divers with clean DMV records to valet for 5 hours at $10 per hour plus tips. Well you can figure out that he ended up paining his workers $100 all together and pocketed $400 for 5 hours.
He now averages 5 jobs like that a week and still just picks up drivers from POSTaNEED at $10 plus tips per hour.
To make a long story short, my friend, right now, makes $104,000 per year and works 25 hours per week. (5 jobs per week at an average of 5 hours and $400)
I feel like ever business could be like his and the key to his efficiency is to get workers when there is work.
If you have a business what is it ? and could you become more efficient by hiring workers when there was work ?


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    I have to give this shout out to www.POSTaNEED.com . They gave me a way where I can sell myself as a great landscaper by making a profile on their website for free and by hiring helpers, workers, day laborers or, what every you want to call theses temp employees, as I needed them.
    I just happened to stumble on this website here in this forum and I constantly need to hire workers as I get a job. So let me tell you without being able to post a need for workers I would be sitting on full time employees when at times I didn`t have jobs. I probably would have been able to stay in business as we all know how hard it is to start a business
    Anyways, thanks to everyone at the website for offering this free community for my business. I just wish I would have found it sooner !

    jfern5/27/2008 2:23 PM
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