Project management software for managing virtual teams?

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Hello fellow efficiency seekers,
I`ve been researching online project management systems for virtual teams. I personally will be implementing one this week and would like to hear if anyone has experience with one of these tools below (or one they like better.)
Our key criteria is:

Easy to use
Low cost
Can utilize templates for recurring projects
Can associate team member email for updating them on their tasks
Can generate simple views of each person`s overall tasks and projects
Has a simple view that overviews a list of all current projects at once
Has a report to view late tasks and current tasks at a glance
Ideally, but not essential, it will also:

Interface into Microsoft Outlook (a stretch, I know)
Provide hours allocated per resource
Have a way to keep project overview and documentation with the project plan
We are looking at:

Base Camp (</A>)
Smart Sheets (</A>)
TeamWork Live (</A>)
SugarCRM (an open-source code project management tool that resides on my server. --</A>)
We are not planning to use Microsoft Project as I`m familiar withthat program and find it too overwhelming for the types of projects we run.
We have 8 - 12 people who work on projects for me at any given time and the most important thing we want is to be able to map out every project with deliverables, deadlines and a way to automate the tracking of these deliverables being completed.
Once I test this out, I`m going to be incorporating my top 3 picks into my training program for entrepreneurs called Virtual Team Building Secrets So regardless of what I pick, your feedback will be very helpful for a lot of entrepreneurs out there.
Thanks for your input!


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