Help - Balance Sheet?

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Okay...I think I have scoured this site as far as I can go...and I can`t find anything on how to build a balance sheet! I just recently got the opportunity to speak with some BIG MONEY potential investors/contributors. They instructed me to get a balance sheet together and a presentation and give them a call to set up a time to chat! BUT I DON`T KNOW WHAT A BALANCE SHEET IS!!!!???   Please help!!! This is possibly my big break for start-up capital and I SOOOOO don`t want to screw this up!!! Any suggestions!? I have been searching the internet and all I am finding is software programs that provide this in them...but I don`t have the money to buy this stuff...and I noticed that all of them talk about how it is easier to do than Excel....does anyone know this harder way...cuz I don`t have the money for the easy way on this one! advance!!


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