Being the Right Arm

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I work for the President of a startup here in NY.  Healthcare analytics --dashboarding all that ...
He which means his right arm *me* is looking at the org chart and restructuring resources to prepare for 10-15 new positions in September. 
My biggest fear is going into the hiring process and "settling" for anyJoe because I am fried and huddled in my cubicle waving a white flag.  Let`s face it being the right arm means I am disposable since he has a left arm named Emily.  *I love my job - oh I mean career.*

So the Million Dollar Question "Where to start looking for replacements during this transition."


I need Customer Service, Progamming, and Account Management a key.
Help anyone.
Jen Sterling


  • phantomindeeaphantomindeea subscriber Posts: 3
    Ha, well, despite being overworked you obviously have a sense of humor, which is good! You`ll live longer I think.

    Hiring essential team members like that between now and September does not leave that much time and, you`re right, you could get pressured into taking the first candidate who signs his name, but I would discourage it.

    I know you are a startup but sound somewhat sizable -- I am surprised you don`t have in-house recruiters, since that`s the most obvious way to get good candidates fast, especially for such specific positions like healthcare analytics programming (or "proGAMMING"). You could also post jobs on a recruiting/marketplace hybrid like Dayak; any and all recruiters on the site could contact you so you`d have a better chance of quick success. These places also run less steep than agencies, which as a startup you probably don`t have pockets deep enough for.

    There also might be a healthcare analytics forum, who knows? Good luck.
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