Where do you get your Business Cards from?



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    We can do them for you!!! Check out our prices... www.PrintPrintPrint.Biz
    We do beat vista`s pricing (and high shipping prices) as well as exceed their quality. Check us out!
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    I used Danielsen Graphics and Printing http://www.dnlsn.com/2005/home.htm in the past and will use him again in the future even my graphic designer was blown away by the quality of the cards. Granted this goes back 2 years ago when I was involved in another venture but I plan on using him again here in the near future as I need to get my new cards printed. I only hope that their going to be the same quality.
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    I`ve used overnight prints numerous times and more recently, www.printplace.com . printplace is cheaper and same quality and you can customize the cards in more ways. I think I got 500 14pt double sided color cards for like 20 some dollars? And they came out nicely. Only problem is dealing with their templates...pretty confusing so it`s easier to just make your own using the dimensions they give you.
  • RemipubRemipub subscriber Posts: 3
    A common theme I`ve noticed here is "cheap versus quality."  Yes, you can get free (sort of) business cards from sources such as VistaPrint, but consider the cost.
    It has already been said that image is everything.  Don`t underestimate this comment.  To quote Benita earlier in this thread:  "I would never order business cards from them and I would not consider doing business with someone who gets free business cards!"  Benita has simply expressed what many others believe - and if not consciously, subconsciously.  By handing out a noticably "cheap" marketing tool, you have just told the prospect that your product or service is not worthy of a quality image.  These cards may seem like good quality when they first arrive, but look at them again after they`ve been in someone`s possession for a couple of weeks.  Likewise, see if you can make that same claim when your card is sitting next to another of higher quality. 
    Along the same lines, think about the design.  We have waffled back and forth on whether or not to add an online design tool to our website.  I have resisted because (at the risk of offending someone), often times the final output doesn`t look all that great.  Sure, when we create something we think it`s the greatest thing on the planet - because it`s uniquely ours.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it is often something less than spectacular.  Using a knowledgeable designer will go a long way in creating a compelling and useful business card.
    Consider this example:  Maybe you can get 1000 cheap cards (even if they`re called "premium" they`re still cheap by comparison), for $10 or $20, or for $20 more you can get something exceptional that will make you stand out among your peers.  Did you really save money buying cheap?  Probably not. 
    If you want consistent quality on superior paper stock - please take a few minutes to view our website.  (PS, we will be adding 30% recycled 100lb linen cover to our offerings very soon.  And we use soy based inks which are more environmentally friendly that the traditional oil base).
    Remipub8/27/2008 4:29 PM
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    I think some people are sales reps for another company, or they are franchisees,
    and these things don`t matter because they carry the weight of a
    national brand with them.
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    If you are concerned with branding and your image, VistaPrint is not the way to go.
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    Using Vista Print and any other template for your business card design is not a good idea. we have seen the same template used many times for different businesses.
    Creative Pile
    How To Brand Your Business | Part 1
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    Really good quality. Get Your Free Business Cards Today!
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    https://www.illicocard.com If you're looking for a printer that offers tremendous premium quality business cards, excellent customer service and no gimmick pricing, then check out illicoCard. There's no extras for getting your files set up, for premium stock paper (18pt. cards), higher quality inks, UV gloss coating or any of the standards ad ons that get charged. Mat or glossy lamination is also available. Go ahead and check out illicocard now!
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