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Where do you get your Business Cards from?

WebmasterFarmsWebmasterFarms subscriber Posts: 1
edited March 2015 in Marketing
Hi,I am just wondering where everyone gets there business cards from.  I am looking to get some business cards done up soon and i am curious to see what people are doing for business cards.  Talk soon,Luc www.webmasterfarms.com


  • ProdigyProdigy subscriber Posts: 19
    I would check out vistaprint
  • WebmasterFarmsWebmasterFarms subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi nhgnikole,Thanks for the suggestion... how is PSPrint`s service?  I take it you`ve ordered from them before?Talk soon,Luc
  • SecurityProfessionalSecurityProfessional subscriber Posts: 2
    I second the recommendation for Vistaprint.com.
    They have a great on-line design tool that let you design your card and preview all different types of variations. When you are done, you can order a card that is exactly as you have designed it. (I`m sure that the professional graphic artists among us might find this tool to be crude but it worked great for a novice like me.) 
    My order arrived exactly when promised and was perfect. I received a follow-up telephone call from the company about a week later to see if I was satisfied.
    BTW, I first went to PrintingForLess.com because it was a SuN sponsor but found nothing at all appealing about their site. I much prefer the Vistaprint site.
  • EagleImageryEagleImagery subscriber Posts: 0
    Don`t Vistaprint offer a cheap card if you agree to have their URL on the back of the card?
    That can be seriously damage your brand.
  • SecurityProfessionalSecurityProfessional subscriber Posts: 2
    VistaPrint offers business cards for free that have their URL on the back.
    The cards that I bought are on 100lb stock, printed on both sides, and look very professional. I think that you get what you are willing to pay for.
  • DMVistaDMVista subscriber Posts: 0
    They have a free one with the logo on the back as well as premium ones.
  • MarkBMarkB subscriber Posts: 2
    I have 2 business cards in front of me. One I had printed at VistaPrint, the other I am not sure (it was printed through LogoWorks). There is a clear difference in the quality. The colors of the print on the VistaPrint card are dull and the paper, supposedly 100 lb stock, is more flimsy than the ones printed by LogoWorks. My VistaPrint order was for "Premium Business Cards" but they are far from premium.
  • drvagdrvag subscriber Posts: 5
    I just received some cards from www.123print.com</A> 
    I did opt for the 12 pt. card stock for an exta $6.00.  The blank back side is included in the basic price.
    I am very happy with the quality of the print and the card stock, and the price is cheaper than vista and kinkos.
    And I agree with what someone here just said, "Image is everything".  So, I would order from them again.
  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member

    I haven`t been able to find really good stock online that uses recycled paper. Isn`t that an oxymoron?
  • MilasMediaMilasMedia subscriber Posts: 5
    My Company www.milasmedia.com offers 16pt card stock, with printing on the back for FREE!

    Contact me at sales@milasmedia.com for pricing (pricing on site is not up to dat - but will be very soon /pages/community/smileys/smiley4.gif )
  • Brian77Brian77 subscriber Posts: 3
    I had my cards printed at a local design shop-www.quickprintandcopy.com, and they look great.  Heavy card stock with a really nice layout.  I did not have a logo or design in mind, and their designer came up with some awesome ideas for me to choose from.  They can ship nationwide as well.  I always like to support the little guy, and these guys did not disappoint!
  • ideaGENERATORideaGENERATOR subscriber Posts: 4
    Really good quality.  I got cards from both vistaprint and overnight - they don`t compare.  Vista is pretty cheap - and overnightprints leaves a great impression with thier ink and superior quality.
    The other thing I hated about vista was their ability to get you to keep upgrading to the next option.  First you pay 9.99 for the cards, then $5 to add a logo or image, then add $4 to have a blank back (not have thier logo) or even more for designs on the back - again add $5 to upload an image - and then of course they charge for shipping and handling.  I chose the least expensive shipping package (ground mail 21 days) and it came in 7 days.  I imagine they just want a few more bucks from people who select 7 or 14 day shipping. 21 day shipping - is there such a thing?
    Order any online companies sample - and you can compare them.  You`ll seriously laugh at vistaprint compared to any other biz cards.  If  you need to make a good impression - stay away from those flimsy pieces of sheet.ideaGENERATOR2007-7-22 16:13:39
  • MilasMediaMilasMedia subscriber Posts: 5
    We just lowered our prices... www.milasmedia.com

    We offer a thick 14pt or 16pt glossy (or matte finish) card stock, printing on both sides FREE and free samples if you would like to see our products first.

    We offer:
    500 cards: $29
    1,000 cards: $49
    2,500 cards: $65
    5,000 cards: $99
    10,000 cards: $129

    (we also offer 250 or even 100 cards too)

    Don`t forget, you can use this size card as a little flyer or other piece of advertisement like a coupon too. I mean, lets be honest, who need 10,000 business cards?

    www.milasmedia.com or sales@milasmedia.comMilasMedia2007-7-25 13:15:12
  • BenitaBenita subscriber Posts: 0
    I`ve used online printing in the past but got tired of being charged extra fees for design set up, or file problems... plus when the prices are decent, the turnaround or quality is another problem... my friend got herself some cute little cards online and I`ve been ordering there since (second order), it`s affordable and very fast, maybe not the most convenient for a company, but more than enough for my home based business and local networking, the website is http://myminicards.com/ ;
    As far as vista print, I`ve seen their quality and I think it looks really cheap... I would never order business cards from them and I would not consider doing business with someone who gets free business cards!Benita
  • SweetdreambedSweetdreambed subscriber Posts: 3
    I also recommend Vista Print, they often have many specials such as 250 business cards for $4.00, they also offer design services.
    At those prices you can`t beat them and the quality is good also.
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