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How to Get the Biggest Bang for No Bucks! A Competition!

AdvisorGarageAdvisorGarage subscriber Posts: 10
edited February 2007 in Public Relations
Hello Folks
I am a recent convert to the wisdom of the Startup Nation PR group...so I have another question.   A partner at a good Venture Capital firm has just agreed to be a `prize` for our Advisor Garage...the basic idea is that the entrepreneur or startup with the `best` elevator pitch within Advisor Garage by a certain date will spend a day with the VC firm to work on their business plan, pitch and get them `ready` for VC funding.
I think this is quite a good `prize` given the experience of the partners involved and what it could mean to a great startup but how best to get the message out to the right people and encourage them to refer others?
Feedback GREATLY appreciated!


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    keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    I think you are at the right place for finding startups. What`s the offer? Where do we go to sign up? What are the rules? Who will judge? What is the judging criteria?
    Use this first "contest" as a test. Promote it at SuN only and track the results for your next contest. Don`t try to rule the world in one fell swoop. There are plenty of candidates here.
    How to create a large referral sunami? On your site, once a contestant applies online, the last step is to refer friends or associates doing a startup. Example reward: For every referral, contestant gets one entry into a drawing for a reward ... the more referrals, the more chances to win. Reward is your choice but make it interestig and valuable - at least enough to make people want it. Maybe a 4-day trip to Cancun or something. Trips like this are not very expensive to you but a 4-day paid vacation is something most startups would appreciate. There are so many incentive programs out there that are reasonably priced it would take all night to list them. But I think you get my drift.
    Where do I sign up? I have an idea
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    PRProPRPro subscriber Posts: 25
    Hi Andrew,
    Great idea with the contest! We did something similar here at StartupNation recently and received a lot of entry requests.
    One thing to consider...once you have everything in place to promote the contest, be sure to have some valuable information on your site. This way, first-time visitors will want to return for information other than just a contest entry.
    Best of luck with the contest,
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