Business Plan software to write with Apple

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Who is using a software to write a Business Plan with Apple or MAC I am
looking for a sw helps me, I`ve used Business Plan Writer when I was using
my Notebook, however I can`t find one with Apple.


  • a2theba2theb subscriber Posts: 2
    Unfortunately, business plan software is a big black hole for Mac users. I haven`t found any other than Word and Excel templates. I`m writing my business plan in good old Word. I`m surprised no one has made one for the Mac yet. Sound like a project to add to my long list of other ideas!
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    Unfortunately there isn`t anything elegant or sophisticated for the Mac environment. I`ve been using Macs for over 20 years and anything business related is on most software developers back-burner.However, if you have a farely powerful modern system, you could consider doing what I did. I have a newer Intel MacBookPro with 2gb memory. I use a Virtual solution called Parallels  It`s very fast and responsive for those times when you "have" to use a Windows based application and for those times when some web sites, like banking solutions, just do not work on ANY Mac browser. ($79 bucks)I then purchased Business Plan Pro from Palo Alto. They are the oldest and most feature rich planning tool out there. I`ve used it for both corporate department programs where business case and modelling is important and now for my own venture. (Pricey ($299 to $299 I think, but worth every penny if you`re serious about putting forth a professional plan and for on going planning.)While I use my MacBookPro for 90% of my business, web site design, communcation etc... for business planning, I use the above setup.Good luck.
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    That`s exactly what I`m doing as well and it works great. I also use QuickBooks Pro in addition to Business Plan Pro. Those are the two windows applications I can`t do without! QuickBooks Mac edition isn`t as feature rich as the PC version.An Intel based Mac, Parallels, Windows XP, and software can be pricey initially but will definitely pay off in the long run!Shane - Like the site and business concept! Good luck!
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    A2 - thanks. Spending money like there`s no tomorrow. Talk about your expensive mid-life crisis. Go SuNers!!!
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    No problem, there is an online business plan software for mac users, It's fast and free.
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    These days softwares have made our life easier and more convenient, especially for business owners. With such softwares one can easily write up a business plan as well as can manage it accordingly.
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