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Flyer Printing - Idea to get a partner - will it work?

FunderbugFunderbug subscriber Posts: 5
edited October 2007 in Marketing
I`ve been running this idea thru my head and now I`m going to ask you what you think.
I have non-profits and other organizations participating in my fundraising company.  I have printed and shipped free flyers to a few of them.  I do 3 to a page on 28 - 32 lb paper, then have them cut.  250 sheets results in 750 flyers for distribution.
I can`t keep up with the time factor, not to mention the expense.  I would like to find a printing company to partner with me.
The printer would offer 250 pages (750 flyers), one time, to interested organizations.  In return, they get the back side of the flyer to print an ad for themselves...."Printing compliments of ABC printing, address, phone, website".
They also get future orders from the organizations.
I`m not sure how to approach the printing companies. I`d probably start with our Marketplace.
I look forward to your replies!
 Funderbug2007-10-23 21:29:51


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    povlalaspovlalas subscriber Posts: 0
    If the cost of printing is giving you headaches, try www.americasprinthouse.comI have used them for postcards and flyers are very cheap and the final products have been great. The postcards are glossy and the flyers are too, not to mention full color.You might even want to ask them if they will partner
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    sddreamweaverssddreamweavers subscriber Posts: 5 Member
    I know a guy that gets all his printing done out of china for infinitely less than what you would pay for in the US.
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    XpressPrintXpressPrint subscriber Posts: 0
    This is very easy to answer - Just Ask!
    Let me tell you what i look for before i start deciding who to donate to.
    #1.  Is this a donation, discount, or trade-in-kind transaction?
    #2.  To whom are the flyers distributed and how might it benefit my company?
    #3.  What is my cost/potential profit comparison?
    #4.  How much revenue would future orders generate?
    #5.  How might the organization help me to continue to build my business?
    Generally, if i dontate i give without expecting in return.  As someone who is involved with charties and non-profits already i can tell you i never accept a gift without making sure that ehre is something given in return - a letter, plaque, picture, referral....there are so many ways to say thanks!
    You can start by just asking.  If you can answer the questions above and determine the benefits of partnering with you, you can pursuade any company to join you especially if it will be profitable in the long term.
    If you would like to discuss the options, please contact me.
    XpressPrint2/8/2008 6:22 PM
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    michaelstein1980michaelstein1980 subscriber Posts: 0
    You might as well try this leaflet printing company. They are based in the UK, but offer their service all over Europe, USA and Brazil. Good luck!
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    cliqflipcliqflip subscriber Posts: 0
    If you can't afford it, start with business cards and hand them out as flyers until you're making enough to get the real thing
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    LaserSALaserSA subscriber Posts: 0
    Just make sure that the partner you choose is equipped with the latest printing innovations.
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    artdigitaltechartdigitaltech subscriber Posts: 0
    Business owners are using various different types of marketing techniques to promote their services and products, one such is flyer printing. From my personal experience, I would like to share flyer printing is one of the marketing product which can help you to boost the growth of your business.
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