Would you ever consider having a virtual office?



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    I have been working from my virtual office for the last five years, and have been able to raise a family and provide by doing this. I believe as a mother it is the most rewarding way of life, and it can become incredibly lucrative. I have enjoyed this experience so much that I developed a FREE 6DAY workshop to help inspire and motivate more women to become Momentrepreneurs. 
    You can sign up for free at www.themomentrepreneurs.com
    It might inspire you to start your own virtual office as well!
    Peace, Love and Success.
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    I like the idea of virtual offices, its a good way to make your business more effective since you don't have to rely so much on brick and mortar.
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    This is an old topic but thought I'd at my .02 anyhow. I use a virtual/flex office which allows me access to conference rooms and office space on an as needed basis. Another benefit is the use of the office address. When I hire new employees we may work in the office for a week during training and use it again for monthly staff meetings.

    The only thing I would NOT use the services for is to utilize the free receptionists. Not only because I run a virtual receptionist servive but because when I've called to book my office I have reached voice mail. Another time the receptionist asked me to hold while she finished talking with walk in traffic (I could hear them talking before she put me on hold). So the services are great and having a receptionist to greet my clients is great, but I wouldn't want my clients calling in. This is where I'd defer to the expertise of a professional receptionist service.
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    Right now I don't need a virtual office, but the first time I heard this new definition for an office I did a little research and I think it's a great tool when needed. There are other advantages that can come with a virtual office due to the fact that these are most of the time inside a modern office space. That will present to you also other services or products on demand like: meeting room, conference room, day office, business lounge or a business address. Upon this you can gain a worldwide office network that can offer an office space in Riyadh http://www.en.saudiarabia.regus.com/off ... bia/riyadh office, London or NY.

    As mentioned by others, creating a presence in cities like NY, Riyadh, London, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Sydney and/or Tokyo can boost your business to another level. But before venturing into such a network, I understand that the business or product must have a solid and studied strategy, if not, although the payments of your virtual office depend on the time used, it can lead to nothing if the product hasn't had a proper market study.

    What I'm trying to say is that a virtual office isn't going to save your business, like if it was a magic potion and business will suddenly rise and rise.

    Business directories: http://www.yelp.co.uk/, https://es.foursquare.com/explore, http://www.worksnug.com/

    Office Space: http://www.en.saudiarabia.regus.com/pro ... -rent.aspx

    Virtual Office: http://www.investopedia.com/terms/v/virtual-office, http://money.howstuffworks.com/virtual-office.htm
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