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Would you ever consider having a virtual office?

ProdigyProdigy subscriber Posts: 19
edited July 2014 in Home-Based Businesses
I`ve seen companies advertising this type of service that can give you the prestigious Manhattan address for example. Wouldnt it be better than listing my home address. You would think it would make your company look more professional and larger. Also, its a lot cheaper than leasing office space.What do you think?...


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    RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
    i think this totally depends on your business.
    startupnation is home-based and uses a real address and has no issues, for example.
    these days, as the winner of the Home_Based 100 "Best Financial Performers" winners indicate, a home address does not always get in the way of running an extremely profitable business.
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    ProdigyProdigy subscriber Posts: 19
    Yea it def depends on the service you offer and the kind of customers you want to attract. If your customers are local then yea a home business address is fine, but if your targeting the larger client something like a virtual office in manhattan would probably help boost your image. It gives you that NYC presence that screams ligitamacy.
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    cspeltscspelts subscriber Posts: 1
    Home based businesses are streadily growing through out this country. People have taken a liking to this type of business. Using your home address should be fine afterall, its how you do business, not where you do business that counts.
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    SCVS800SCVS800 subscriber Posts: 1
    This brings up an interesting point.  If you intend to have customers contact you either in person or phone, you have to project the image of a well established business.  Without tooting my own horn here, this is where the virtual office products really shine.  My company, for instance, provides you with not only a 1-800 number, but virtual office solutions so that customers can reach you no matter where you are.  And you can manage your voice systems from anywhere in the wold with an internet connection.  There is nothing worse than calling what you think is a well established business and a kid answers the phone and hollers "Dad Phone for You".
    Now on the topic of the address.  Depending on what you are selling, it is ok to use a home or PO Box.  If you are selling hard goods (clothes, widgets) you may want to consider a storefront of some sort if you think you may get a lot of local business.  This is a BIG investment and should only be considered if it can provide a good return on investment.
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    RebeckaRebecka subscriber Posts: 0
    I don`t think virtual offices should be used strictly for address purposes, but they are a great alternative to having a regular office space if you just need a place to meet clients occasionally.
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    DeenaEsqDeenaEsq subscriber Posts: 0
    I completely see why someone in my line of work would use a virtual office.  The State of NY requires that lawyers put a physical address on their advertising (and who wants a bunch of nutballs showing up at their houses)...  It puts work at home attorneys in a tough position.  Plus, I have a feeling that businesspeople really don`t want to work with a lawyer working out of their home...
    Just my $.02...
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    MCSnowMCSnow subscriber Posts: 1
    I use a PO box as my business address. I work out of my home but I have to think about the protection of my kids and my family and not just put my home address "out there" for all to see. My clients all know I work out of my home and after I have established a personal relationship with them, if they need my home address, it`s no big deal. But for marketing and internet use I just use my PO Box.
    I tend to agree with the poster who said they feel a little scammed when they find out a company is using a "shell" address. It makes me wonder if they`re doing an honest business because they might be trying to hide. I wouldn`t consider the Reno/Egypt office situation to fall into this category though.
    Not that I would need someone to answer my calls necessarily, but it *does* seem like a neat idea to have a professional place to meet clients once in a while... maybe focus on a share-rental type situation rather than strictly an address rental.
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    pinnacleofficepinnacleoffice subscriber Posts: 0
    Well, there are many great advantages of using virtual office. Here are some of the best ones: Save on rent, Reduced overhead costs, Administrative support and More productive and flexible.
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    adamlutheradamluther subscriber Posts: 0
    Definitely, I would consider having a virtual office if I had to save money on paying rents for office space. Actually, virtual office space is the best option for people who want to run their office from home.
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    summitbldgsummitbldg subscriber Posts: 0
    Actually, I am, right now. I am planning to start a new business which I can run from home for that I think virtual office is the best option I have got.
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    smithgerry02smithgerry02 subscriber Posts: 0
    I would like to add that having virtual office with good phone sytem is a great advantages to provide services support without adding employees and no extra budget
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    peter01vekselmanpeter01vekselman subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello everyone!
    Virtual office is the trend these days. Even in my field, real estate, many brokers/agents/investors are setting up this kind of office.
    So if it works for you and your clients, why not, right?
    Looking forward to more discussions in the future.
    Peter Vekselman
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    davidcamerondavidcameron subscriber Posts: 0
    Having a virtual office is a good idea, my uncle is a broker and he recently set up a virtual office at the demand of his clients. He was a little skeptical about this because in his opinion nothing can replace a real office, point of purchase displays and having face to face conversation with your clients, but after trying this he liked a lot the concept.
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    DoExportWithMeDoExportWithMe subscriber Posts: 1
    Virtual offices may sound like a good idea, and maybe are, as long as you aim to get your own offices as soon as possible. Your expensive offices are in cities and CBD's, which most home based business can't afford, and which have city traffic on the way there. But many neighborhoods have an office area nearby, where you should get yourself a small office. Even if you have to paint the whole building over.
    Vitual office agencies makes a lot of money, from home business owners. You are paying far more per hour than the traditional way would've cost you.
    Then it is better to rent close nearby, and even better to buy when you can. Paying rent means you're making someone else rich (read Rich Dad Poor Dad again!), while owning property turns it around. As more and more people work from home office space in the suburbs in many cases do become cheaper (or rather, rent is more negotiateble). So athough you don't have flashy offices in a high-rise building in the city centre, at least you'll have an office nearby. I think it was Google or one of those IT-companies who have done a study some time ago, which showed that productivity in home based businesses are below par when compared to traditional office workers.
    You can even contact say 3 other home based business owners in your area, and share the rent with them doing your own virtual agency-thing. And get one receptionist there to help with al four's admin.
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