Should I use the phonebook for direct mail list?

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I`m wondering if I should use the phonebook to target my direct mail campaign to local restarants so I can get their addressees. Do you think this is a good idea sending mail directly to the retaurants?


  • HPSHPS subscriber Posts: 1
    I find it is much more efficient to buy a targeted mailing list. Generally labels are included so it is fast and easy. It costs more but it saves a lot of time.
    HPS2007-6-30 9:58:11
  • DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
    Buying a targeted mailing list is a much more efficient and practical way of compiling a mailing list.
    Dale KingDKing2007-6-30 9:59:33
  • aes2007aes2007 subscriber Posts: 0
    Buying a targeting mailing list is a great way to go.  There are companies that will get you a targeting mailing list and send out postcards for you, which would sounds like that could be an option for you. Try</A> and see if that is helpful.
  • Josh244Josh244 subscriber Posts: 2
    It really depends on the size of your mailing. It`s important to keep in mind that direct mail usually doesn`t garner more than a 0.5% response (1% if you`re really really lucky).You usually need to buy mailing lists with 1000s of addresses or more. My feeling is that if you`re going to spend the money to mail, you mind as well spend the additional couple of cents per mailer and make sure you`re getting them to the right people. There are some good sites online which offer great mailing deals and package services. BOOM INK did a mailer for me and I was pretty pleased with it.
  • ProfessionalListsProfessionalLists subscriber Posts: 1
    I agree with the above posters.  For a living I put together mail campaigns, if you don’t use a mailing list company you`ll get bounced addresses, (people move you know) you`ll get people who are completely un qualified to purchase your products, or who are statistically un-interested.
    You can isolate your mailing list down to people by income, sex, area, and MUCH more.  Data is very powerful.  Further if you use a company, such as mine, you don’t `rent` the list, you mail to it multiple times.  This will increase your likely hood of being noticed and getting a sale.


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