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I am a China-based American business consultant. I have lived in Shanghai for 2 years now. In the beginning I came only for vacations but I realized it’s a great place to start a business life. I was running my US consultancy from here, but then decided about 3 months ago to start my rep. office here in China. It was very hard to find someone in Shanghai because of the language barrier so a friend of mine recommended me myTIno (  At first I thought it was some social network but it’s actually an ecommerce network with more than 100,000 service providers. I immediately looked for consulting services among these providers and checked out their profiles. I posted a Job describing exactly what I needed and got replies within a few days. I chose around 5 good prospects and chose 2 from that group. Well, long story short, these guys are now manager and executive secretary of the consultancy in China and we have a very successful business. They have already built a strong client base, mainly Chinese, but this is something I could have lasted years to actually take into action. I use myTino every now and then because I am always in the need of capable consulting personnel.


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    Starting a business in China could be sometimes quite complicated. Foreigners usually ask Chinese agencies/companies to help them. I'm working for a consulting company in Shanghai, which helps foreigners to set up businesses in Shanghai. If you want to know more about this topic, feel free to contact me at: [email protected]
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    Indeed, launching any business in China requires a lot of efforts. American organizations are accustomed to getting items from China that are produced using low work costs and soon this will end and they should begin influencing business not from the USA, but build strong relations in China itself! Companies  purchase made items from China and after that charge high costs for the completed tools as though the items were made here, in the USA.
    A lot should be done to begin a worthy start-up.

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