Advice for Your Business(through my own experience)

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I am a China-based American business consultant. I have lived in Shanghai for 2 years now. In the beginning I came only for vacations but I realized it’s a great place to start a business life. I was running my US consultancy from here, but then decided about 3 months ago to start my rep. office here in China. It was very hard to find someone in Shanghai because of the language barrier so a friend of mine recommended me myTIno (  At first I thought it was some social network but it’s actually an ecommerce network with more than 100,000 service providers. I immediately looked for consulting services among these providers and checked out their profiles. I posted a Job describing exactly what I needed and got replies within a few days. I chose around 5 good prospects and chose 2 from that group. Well, long story short, these guys are now manager and executive secretary of the consultancy in China and we have a very successful business. They have already built a strong client base, mainly Chinese, but this is something I could have lasted years to actually take into action. I use myTino every now and then because I am always in the need of capable consulting personnel.


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