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Hello all I am new to the website, but I was wondering if I could get some help.  I am in the process of starting a homebased business and I need advice on how to get funding.  I have the business name and I am filling out the paper work to get the business registered and all of that, but, I am going to need a few strategic ideas for financing and just getting everything up and running. If anyone has any advice please respond thank you.  Be Blessed!!


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    The home based business that I am starting is a travel agency.
    As far as funding is concerned I am looking at trying to get my hands on about $50,000.00 for supplies and services like:  internet service, computer, laptop for mobile business, computer software ect.
    As far as a business plan goes, I am working on that at this very moment.
    I had already decided to do the bootstrapping thing.  I have a full time job and I had already made up my mind to keep it for the next, maybe, two or so years.
    I just need a little coaching getting things off of the ground. You know, someone who can show me the ropes.
    Thanks for the welcome and I will be looking forward to hearing some more of your advice about being an Entrepenuer. Thank you for your reply.  Be Blessed.
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    As far as the business plan goes, I am in the process of getting that done right now.  I also did a search in my area for banks that loan to small businesses.
    If you have any more thoughts please feel free to post them.  In the mean time I`ll keep in touch.  Thanks for your help sir, and if I don`t talk to you soon have a good weekend. Be Blessed!!
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