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I`m in contact with a company that runs a party website.  She says that typically a company like mine would either join an affiliate program like Commission Junction or have a tracking link with a unique identifier so that they could receive a referral commission for any sales.
I don`t know how these tracking links work.  Has anyone ever used either tracking links or Commission Junction?  I`d appreciate any input about your opinions of how they work and which one to use.



  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Basically, a tracking link is a link on their site to yours that includes a referral code to idenfity/tag the the source of the link is captured.
    What are you trying to accomplish: create an affiliate program fro your product - for others to put on their website, to generate sales of your products?
    Setting up an affiliate program does cost some $$. Commission junction is one place to use.

      A search yields alternatives

  • KateGKateG subscriber Posts: 12
    Yes Roland, that`s what I`m trying to do.  I have a company that is interested in promoting my product and directing people to my site, but has requested acommission.
    I didn`t realize how expensive commission junction was.  That seems like way too much at this point.  The link that you provide is helpful.  I will look into how much these other programs cost.
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