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Moving a Business

KateGKateG subscriber Posts: 12
edited April 2008 in Selecting a Business
Hi All,
I`ve made what some may consider an odd (financial unadvantageous) decision.  I had my business idea, filed a provisional patent application on it and decided to start a business 4 months (now 3 months, thanks to delays) before I move rather than waiting until after the move.  The reason being that I really need to see what kind of commercial success I might be looking at before I`m faced with patent decisions once the provisional patent expires at the end of the year.
The consequences are that I had to get all of my approvals (LLC filings, business licenses, FDA approvals, etc.) in California, but now I`ll need to get them all again in Massachusetts.  I think that it makes sense to move the LLC (or form a new one) to MA, because otherwise I need to pay both the $800/year flat fee for the CA LLC and the $500/year flat fee for the MA foreign LLC instead of just paying the $500/year flat fee for the MA LLC.  (Of course there will be additional taxes on top of that.)
My question - how do I make this move seamless, such that I can be selling my product as soon as I move?  How do I apply for an LLC or any other business license in MA without even having a MA address?
Thank you for your replies! 
KateG4/7/2009 3:23 PM


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