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This is a great new forum - thanks to everyone who has made this happen and keep it working - I know what goes into a site like this - a tip of the hat to the "doers"!
I have some advice - especially for the entreprenuerial newbies on here - read anything and everything by Napoleon Hill. If you want to be a success in business AND in life, his books need to be on your book shelves ... within reach at all times.
I have been at this entreprenuerial business for many years and finally got around to reading Napoleon Hill`s work and studying him and his connections and I can say this - no writings have affected me like his.
The 16 Laws of Success is a business bible. Every teenager should be required to read "Think and Grow Rich".
There are lots of good business books out there, but Napoleon Hill`s works are required reading - IMHO - for any small business startup. Just understanding the value of a Mastermind Group is worth its weight in gold.
I could go on and on. Who else has comments on Napoleon Hill`s works? Care to share?
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      I agree it is a must all my mentors have read it. I just finished and i`m on my second go as we speak. I am blown away by the content. I started to ask around many claim to have read the book. The successful people who I know always refrence this book. The others who have the book are not applying the laws.
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    I agree also, Keycon. I ran across it by "accident" 20 years ago and it has affected my life like no other book I`ve read. There are many other great books I`ve read, but they all seem to be based on Hill`s work. I also love "Lead the Field" by Earl Nightingale. It`s another classic. I have had a set of those tapes for at least 10 years and when I got a car with a CD player in it I had to get a set of "Lead the Field" CDs. The tapes were wearing out anyway! Anybody have more suggestions?
  • BigappleBigapple subscriber Posts: 1
     I also have come across a book called as a man thinketh by jerry allen. seems to have some good content also
  • tclaibornetclaiborne subscriber Posts: 1
         I recently purchased that book but haven`t gotten to it yet. I would also recommend "Rich Dad; Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki and "Millionaire Republican" by Wayne Allyn Root (I know it sounds political, but it is a fine business book)
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