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    help me please to find business web-sites (community/forums), like startupnation.com , where people are discussing: small business, investments, managment & cooperation. I like this site very much - just want to open the mind.
My goal is to find partners in US for feature cooperation.
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    Mitey Mite , great recommend!
  • SandroSandro subscriber Posts: 2
    Thank you TigerTaco!  You right with the "asking girlfriend...", but if it`s works why not? And this information can be useful for all people on this forum to open the mind little bit more.
    Tank you MiteyMite!
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    Remember that there`s a difference between doing something and talking about doing something. You can likely find all sorts of places to talk about business with folks, large businesses or small, it doesn`t really matter. But for what purpose?

    Purpose? To find partners for joint venture & learn more about doing business in US. Internet  is one of the way to do this. Final goal is - to move to America in feature (5-10 years), because I see US comfortable for doing business, there live my father & some my friends. Today I have strong business in Russia & some experience, but it`s different from US.
    Kind regards,
    Sandro7/17/2008 4:21 AM
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