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Website Critique - eNutritionCare.com



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    Wirehead321Wirehead321 subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Dear Keith,
    I just been to your site. I can see that you are trying to give the consumer an easy way to get ans RD.  That`s great as a diabetic, I am really glad you have a section that talks about the Ac1 test many sites don`t. As for your other fields they do get important information. Now I am speaking as a web strategist now. $100,000. 000 for this site was a bit much. Did you talk with the web developer about how your site was to be marketed before any of the work was done? If not that was a mistake. As ffor the site it self there are some flaws that can be corrected, but the most important part getting to the information  is quite easy. Nine months this was too long for what you got. Let me ask you do you have to pay for updates or is that part of your contract for at least a year of maintainance from a web master assigned to your site? Are you listed on the major search engines like, Yahoo, google, Lycos or MSN? Have you though of creating a myspace page as a way to quickly get your message a cross? These are just a few questions you should ask your web developer while you are making changes to your site. Remember the worst website can bring in big dollars if the message is clear and speaks to the needs of the client while the best most expensive website will yield nothing if the message does not speak to the cilent needs. So don`t get to hung up on looks. Make sure your message reach the right buyer and sales are generated that`s the bottom line of any website that sales a product or service. Thanks
    Howard Lee
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    msj01msj01 subscriber Posts: 1
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    WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member

    OK, just what I see in the back end of your site .....
    1) Your site is not W3C compliant; the main page has 58 coding errors.
    2) Your css files have errors.
    3) Code to content ratio: 4.1 %
    4) Spider simulation:
    " personalized online nutrition therapy register login search web site there are no bad foods only bad habits could our service help someone you know tell a friend july 1 2008 go to home welcome to enutritioncare com home our specialties how it works store copyright 2008 by xcel nutrition therapy inc terms of use privacy statement "
    They might have made a pretty site, but the coding is bloated, poor, and not effective for SEO. I would demand that it all be fixed now at no charge to you; they`ve already soaked you on what you paid.

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    turkishturkish subscriber Posts: 5
    What? 100k for that site and over budget? I agree it was a complete ripoff.
    I would possibly switch the flash on the side with customer reviews, a great way to get visitors to feel comfortable using your service or buying from your sight.
    The `close window` buttons are worthless for your site (but come in handy in the store the way everything is setup)... I think the designer really took advantage of you and tried to dress the site up with images but it is killing your SEO. The front page can pass with a few images but you really need to add some content to the front page.
    The idea behind the site is great... You need to add some unique content, relevant meta-keywords, and a meta-description, breadcrumbs throughout the site would also help... You can do without the drop-down menu, gets a bit annoying after a while...
    If you need assistance with editing or making some changes, shoot me a message...
    I guess what is your goal? To sell products or get the information out? If it`s to sell more products then it won`t hurt to add a `featured item` or `Popular items` space on the home page.
    cheers.turkish7/3/2008 1:34 AM
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    Margecam52Margecam52 subscriber Posts: 0
    I agree...way to expensive.  But then the company I used to work for spent almost as much for a lot less.
    One thing you can do...check with your local community college...if they have a web graphics/sitebuilding (sorry the name of the class escapes me...lol) class, see if one of the student`s, or several would like to work on your site as a class project.
    I like the colors... I use IE and the video didn`t work for me.  I tried several ways. 
    Good luck!
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