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Start-up Research Underway... need some advice.

ckatecckatec subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2008 in Home-Based Businesses
Hi everyone.
I am so glad I found this site.  Within just a couple of hours (spread across 3 days~the wonderful, busy world of motherhood) I have found more information here than in the months I spent looking on google beforehand.  I feel so inspired by you all and your tips are wonderful.
I still have a lot of questions about my business.  Not sure which section to post them under so I thought I would stick to other home-business folks.
I am looking to start a grocery delivery service.  I know, it has been done a million times, but there is a clear need in my area.  I really want to do this not just for money but to help the elderly and disabled.
My question:
I received advice (not from a business person) that I contact a similar business that is about an hour away from me and ask them for advice.  I think it would be a great source of information, but they are an expanding business and I don`t really want to call their attention to the need of this area.  Would it be foolish for me to contact them?
Thanks for your responses!


  • ckatecckatec subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you so much for your thoughtful response!
    I hadn`t really thought of market-share in those terms before. 
    I believe it is a small business and that they are far enough away that it would take significant planning for them to reach out to this area.
    I also feel like the experiences she may have already had in developing her company are invaluable.  I`m working with a tiny budget and any serious mistake on my part could be the end of my dream, financially speaking.
    Seeing the situation in this new light, I feel like it is worth the risk to contact her.  I suppose she is not unaware that this need exists in my area.  I am sure it exists everywhere.
    Thank you Craig!
  • KevDevKevDev subscriber Posts: 5 Member
    Would it be foolish for me to contact them?
    You are very likely to learn from their mistakes, potentially saving yourself a lot of money and aggravation.
    Good luck!
  • ckatecckatec subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you both very much.
    I don`t have much in the way of resources to start this business so I know I need every bit of knowledge I can borrow to avoid business-killing mistakes.
    I contacted the owner of this business this morning via email.  I have not heard back yet, but I will let you all know how things turn out!
    Thanks again!  You have all really helped me.
  • STBeEntrepreneurSTBeEntrepreneur subscriber Posts: 2
    Hello! I`m new to StartupNation so please bear with me. I am very impressed with all the info. & kindness this site & people have to offer, so it may be of no surprise that I will be asking alot of stupid questions here, but I have to start somewhere you know. So here goes...How does one find out if a company/business is legit on Google, & are there any trustworthy review sites or government sites? The BBB & the Online Business Bureau just do not seem to be of any help at all. Sometimes it can be hard when you do`nt know what you do`nt know, you know! Any information would be very appreciated. Thankyou for your time & consideration.
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