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Printing DVD cases

KteaKtea subscriber Posts: 1
edited July 2015 in Business Planning
I`m not sure I`m posting this in the right category, but here it goes:  I, in addition to my baby products, also am developing an educational video targeted towards basically anyone who works with infants.  My plan is to start selling the DVDs to hospital gift shops, local mom-and-pop baby boutiques, books stores, and to also sell them online.That said, I`m not sure I have enough money to do a full print/replication run in the hundreds at first, so I want to burn the DVD and do the printing onto the disc and DVD case at home.  Does anyone have any tips for this?   Should I just download a template and go from there, or is there somewhere online where I can just have them print the case cover?  I have looked at vistaprint, printsforless, and a few others, who don`t seem to have that option.


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