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In Need of Some Tagline and Email Signature Advice

kustomkaninekustomkanine subscriber Posts: 4
edited February 2007 in Marketing
Hi, I`m Katie from Kennesaw, GA. I just launched a online retail custom dog apparel business www.KustomKanine.com . Struggling with the whole marketing thing though and need some advice. Thanks!My Offer: Kustom Kanine allows pet parents to create a one-of-a-kind dog hoodie, coat, or tee for their unique pet.Benefits: Dogs get noticed and pet parents get to spend time with and pamper their dog.My Target Audience: A passionate dog owner that treats their pet as an important family member.I
am in need of some help with creating my USP (Unique Selling
Proposition)/tagline and email signature. I would appreciate any
comments or feedback. Here is what I have so far:
This is my email signature. Any advice to make it better?- Katie & Marley <(-`.`-)>Is your dog special?Does he have a unique personality?Express it with custom dog clothing!
These are some ideas for my USP. Let me know which one you like or help me come up with a better one:1) Every dog is unique, their clothing should be too2) Every dog is unique, their clothes should be too3) Every dog is unique, their style should be too4) Where every dog is unique5) Custom dog clothing & accessories6) Every dog is unique, why not show it?7) Allowing dogs to express their unique style8) Where dogs can express their unique style9) Where pets express their unique style10) Where pets express their personality11) What`s your pet`s personality?12) Where unique dogs express their personality13) Every dog is unique, why not express it?14) Where dogs express their unique style15) Express your personality, doggie style16) Where dogs express their unique personality17) Every dog deserves to get noticed


  • PokermanPokerman subscriber Posts: 5
    Designer doggy duds ~ you design, we ship!  Kustom Kanine clothes! Pokerman2007-1-24 15:44:12
  • ujeansujeans subscriber Posts: 1
    The woof suff.More than boxers for your boxerClothing that gives you paws to think
  • ujeansujeans subscriber Posts: 1
    I was just on CNN and saw this gem.  You may want to expand your product line...
  • kustomkaninekustomkanine subscriber Posts: 4
    Wow, I have alot to think about! Thanks everyone for your tips, suggestions and advice. I still need help narrowing this down. I want to be able to use this marketing message on all of my collateral.
    Working from Tack`s advice, this is what I came up with:TAGLINE:Kustom KanineWhere Kanines Get NoticedSIGNATURE:Get Your Kanines NoticedVisit www.KustomKanine.comorGet Your Kanines NoticedLearn How at www.KustomKanine.comorDogs that get noticed shop at Kustom Kaninewww.KustomKanine.comorGet known - Wear Kustom Kaninewww.KustomKanine.com
    Working from Pokerman`s & frndchps`s advice, this is what I came up with:TAGLINE:Kustom KanineExpress your pet with creative canine styles and accessoriesSIGNATURE:Designer doggy duds You design, we ship!www.KustomKanine.com
    Working from  CraigL`s & wartimethingscom`s advice, this is what I came up with:TAGLINE:Kustom KaninePamper your FurKid with Creative Apparel & Assessories SIGNATURE:Your FurKid Deserves the BestPersonalized Clothing & Accessorieswww.KustomKanine.com orYour FurKid Deserves to Be PamperedPampered Pets Wear Kustom Kaninewww.KustomKanine.com
    Working from  ujeans`s advice, this is what I came up with:TAGLINE:Kustom KanineClothing that gives you paws to thinkSIGNATURE:Clothing that gives you paws to think.www.KustomKanine.com
    As you can tell, I`m still confused as to what I should use that would peak my target market`s interest and get them to understand my message.
  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    Read this forum post on copywriting.
    The problem with most of the suggestions here is that they do not clearly and crisply communicate *why* your product is *relevant*.
  • kustomkaninekustomkanine subscriber Posts: 4
    You offer such great content. Thanks for the link. I didn`t find a website on your profile and am wondering about the specific services you offer. You`ve got me interested. Here is my revised copy. Please be blunt if necessary. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated:TAGLINE:Kustom KanineWhat Pampered Pets Wear to Get NoticedSIGNATURE:Featuring creative K9 designs & personalized coutureFind out why pampered pets get noticed in Kustom Kanine coutureVisit www.KustomKanine.com
    kustomkanine2007-1-25 13:21:36
  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    Thanks for the kind words. I don`t offer freelance services but I am happy to answer questions on StartupNation at no cost.Are you offering something for the pet or the pet owner? Probably both, but as far as I am aware, the pet cannot read or surf the web, so you have to sell to the owner.What do you offer the owner? This is the key to writing relevant marketing copy that effectively communicates with a prospective customer. After reading your marketing copy, the prospective customer must understand exactly *why* your product or service is worth the money. This "why" can be expressed as "utility". What utility do you get out of an airline ticket or ten gallons of gas? Pretty easy to answer, right? What utility does a pet owner get out of your product? How can you effectively communicate this "utility" to the people who visit your web site?1. Does the owner feel good about having nice or warm clothes for their animal?2. Or is this just "fashion" for animals?3. Do you offer both?4. Do you offer something else entirely?Fashion for animals is an easy sell, to the right audience, and a very difficult sell to the wrong audience. If your products are the equivalent of Manolo Blahnik shoes, which are a totally image-based purchase beyond the tiny amount of practicality offered by the shoe, then you`re selling fashion. Women do not buy Manolo Blahnik shoes because they`re comfortable or because they`re great in the snow. Women buy Manolo Blahnik shoes to make a statement. Women don`t even buy Manolo Blahnik shoes for the man in their life because men don`t care about shoes.However, the second group of pet owners might see the value in warm or protective clothing items. Especially owners who live in cold climates. If you wish to offer both -fashion and function- then you need separate copywriting for both customer segments.1. "Warm clothing for your companion animal." 2. "Would you walk around barefoot in the snow?"3. "Beautiful fashion accessories for your companion animal."4. "Shoes, sweaters, and collars in luxury fabrics."The above suggestions are quickly written, and don`t have great hooks, but they clearly communicate "utility" and can serve as a starting point.I am a dog owner, and I have to say, the fashion angle just does not work for me. But the practical angle does work, and I`ve actually tried to get my dog to wear boots in the snow. [She won`t wear them.] That said, the fashion angle certainly does work for a lot of owners. Does the dog care about the fashion angle. I really don`t know. Hope this helps.
    CookieMonster2007-1-26 10:57:48
  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    Kustom Kanine. What Pampered Pets Wear to Get Noticed[ This is pretty good. The most important part of the this tagline is the "get noticed" part because that is what you are communicating as the "utility" or "value" of your products. Is getting noticed relevant to the pet owner? Personally this doesn`t speak to me, but you should test it on other people as well.]SIGNATURE:Featuring creative K9 designs & personalized coutureFind out why pampered pets get noticed in Kustom Kanine coutureVisit www.KustomKanine.com[Also pretty good. Doesn`t speak to me, but I`m a practical pet owner, not among the fashion concerned. This certainly is well written, and might work very well. You should test this on some fashion-centered dog owners.]
  • Red8ii8Red8ii8 subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi,As a former retail buyer in the pet market and dog trainer, two things. Great site- pet owners will love it. Second EVERY pet company focus on some ultra cutesy name or tag. It is getting to the gag me point even for the over the top owners. Keep it simple and catchy. Skip everything but your web link and one line under.Why not something likeKustomKanines.comStyled by you, strutted by dogor Inspired by dog, designed by you.or the more abstract:Go Beyond BarkJust some ideas-Jessica
  • dvmacdvmac subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Katie-
    I think things are getting narrowed down here.
    Combining two different suggestions, I come up with:
    Designer Doggie Duds :  Personalized for your pet
  • SherrySherry subscriber Posts: 0
    Don`t know how you might use this, but with canine fashion, you have:
    Dogs on the catwalk.
    Good luck!
    Sherry Netherland  www.ilikefitness.com</A>
  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    The last batch of suggestions have been great!
  • kevinlkevinl subscriber Posts: 1
    This is a fun brief - The Target Market is pretty obvious. I`ve never seen a dog whip out a credit card.Fetch the hoodie"Breeds Style" ( this is very campaignable eg breeds brains, breeds image etc.)A Fetching imageAKA K9
  • kkrafts58kkrafts58 subscriber Posts: 12
      I like the word "Special", instead of unique. My personal dog, Mitzy, is spoiled, special, and my baby. So you need to appeal to your buyers emotions. Especially if they don`t refer to them as,"My Pet", or "My dog" Alot of people treat their dogs as their children.
  • communicatorcommunicator subscriber Posts: 0
    Try this site to help you: http://www.yudkin.com/generate.htm.This is a free service (and she publishes a great free e-zine as well).Tag lines need to be short and have great alliteration, where the first sounds of the words are the same (like Dunkin Doughnuts), or some other way of being memorable.  Good luck!
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