In Need of Some Tagline and Email Signature Advice



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    Thanks for the great idea. I`m still not sure what I`m going to use, there are so many good ideas here. Since I love their names so much, I want to give Prince, Dinky and Hunny $5 off $25 or more at my store with the coupon code: KUST05. We are always looking to convert big dogs to doggie dud wearers. Anyone else on this forum, feel free to use it too. I`m feelin` the love and just want to give back!
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    Not yet, but these green cammo tanks are slated to be on our website in the Spring.Your dogs are the exact opposite of my princess Marley. She won`t step one paw outside if the ground is wet. Of course she`s probably that way because I spoil her and carry her around like a baby, my fault . . . Check out her unique dog blog, if your dogs ever do anything funny or unique, she`d like to interview them. She recently interviewed Canada`s smallest dog.
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    Kathy - after looking over this thread my only suggestion about signatures are this: Instead of using one, look to see that your email program allows multiples. Then target your communication. If you`re just going back and forth with business partners, don`t worry too much about marketing/promotions. Just the facts for them. If on the other hand, you`re targeting your communications with customers or potential customers, then tailor the tag line for them.JMHOShane
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    TAGLINE:Kustom Kanine
    Unleashed DesignsSIGNATURE:
    Unique Fashions for Unconditional Love.
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    I am ejoying this one, unleashes creativity.
    KK Wear
    Kustom Kanine Wear.  Unleash your dog`s inner spirit.
    Have the best dressed dog in town, styled by you.  KK Wear
    KK Wear,  Unleashed.
    Unleash your creativity for your best friend.
    Make a cat jealous.  KK Wear
    Play with the words.  I agree that they need to paint a picture in your audiences mind.  And the owner IS the one with the credit card!
    My Jewelry line has a line of hemp and bead necklaces for dogs.  Moon Doggy Jewelry.  And no, they are not posted to the website yet.
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