What do you think about my potential business idea?

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Hi all!
I`d like to ask you how I could develop my potential business idea. The point is that I want to make a website devoted to human development. I want to make people understand each other better and eliminate problems of a generation gap. I want the following to be on my site:
- articles on human development
- several age groups, so that people could communicate with like-minded people
- something like tutoring or mentoring, so a person could post a problem, for example, and a person from another age group could give advice, etc., but it will be not like a forum, but something more personal, with a limited people who can help
- also, I think about making a program based on Eric Burne`s transactional analysis. For example, a person could formulate a problem and then they will be given several options to choose from that eventually will define if they behave as Adult, Parent or Child and leading then to a possible solution of the problem.
I know all this looks very vague and poorly thought over, but it`s just my initial thoughts and I only want to know if this idea is good and workable enough. I always rely on my intuition and now it itells me it`s 50/50.
And what do you think?


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