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splittersplitter subscriber Posts: 3
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I have longed to have my own business and have been thinking about this avenue as a possibility. Does anyone here have their own business as a man-rep? Any advice on breaking into it, choosing your products, etc would be appreciated. I realize it will be an uphill battle getting started.


  • ethnicommethnicomm subscriber Posts: 1
    Further to DipLady`s note, do you have any particular industry experience? Have you done sales before? How are you with cold calls and rejection? Think of 5-6 things that you can offer a manufacturer when s/he asks: "what can you do for my business?" 
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    I`m a manufacturer of a whole house audio system and we are searching for a good rep firm. I want to make sure that my product fits into the product line the rep has.   That way the rep has one more thing to sell his/her existing customers.  For new customers they are a source for several synergistic products the the store owner wants to sell.If you know of a great rep firm that handles Audio/Visual equipment in the Colorado area let me know.
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