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Advertising to a limited group

TexasParoleInfoTexasParoleInfo subscriber Posts: 1
I am new here and wanted to post to get started. I operate a small business providing education for inmates in the Texas prison system and their families about the parole process. Obviously, this is a very limited audience. I have had decent traffic to my website after paying for a sponsored search on a large search engine but was wondering if I might find some other ideas for how I might promote my site and business since it is a very different audience that I am trying to reach. Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!


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    RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
    to understand the situation better, do inmates have internet access? as odd as this sounds, have you worked with the prison system on this? seems they`d want to partner. are there specific groups catering to prisoner families already that you could partner with? also, there may be opportunities with religious groups inside and out of the prisons... this is not to discount any search optimization work you`ve determined drives traffic your way. but i have a hunch that this is one of those businesses that needs to BUILD. get some positive momentum going, create testimonials or "reference accounts" and parlay that into more business!
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