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Why MLM is the BEST business........and getting better.......

dublidubli subscriber Posts: 1
edited July 2009 in Marketing

   Can anybody show and PROVE to me a better business ?

 What people have to know BEFORE spending money to join any  MLM  ( Network Marketing, referral marketing....etc )  company ,  treat it as a BUSINESS and  it will pay YOU $$$$$$$$...........LEARN...... before you  JOIN  !  Learn for FREE....read on

  1)  Study the Pay plan and try to explain to a friend  HOW  You will get to the TOP payout position with this company, should be max 3 -5 people.

  2)  Choose YOUR sponsor very careful and put Your Sponsor to WORK for YOU,  if he just joined a company and has no idea how can he help YOU ?  ( The BLIND  is LEADING the BLIND )

  3)  Do NOT fall in LOVE with the product and try to SELL products as told by all companies.   Use the product as a business tool to feel better, have more energy, be more productive.....etc.

 4)  The SECRET  KEY  in MLM  is DUPLICATION  (not to clone ) of a system.

  Any questions, e-mail or call  1-888-476-9256


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    patentandtrademarkpatentandtrademark subscriber Posts: 103
    Many MLM schemes are scams - some are illegal.  If you are at the top of the pyramid, you make money.  Eventually, the guys at the bottom get cooked because planet earth only has a certain number of people willing to "sign up."  Ask Mr. Madoff`s victims.
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    imcmillionaireimcmillionaire subscriber Posts: 1
    I think if you want to make money online, justsolve aproblem online.My forumla for making money online is thisFind a nicheDo market researchSet up the wesbiteCeate a great sales copyTest and track ppc adscreate your productThen watch your money growI think MLM are useless, because the purposeof making money online, is to solve people problemsand duplication is just redundant in my mind.Solve a problem and you`ll be successful!
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    RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
    Some caution:
    I think the Topic heading for this post is misleading, though, you`re certainly fine expressing your opinion.
    MLM is a low-odds-of-success scenario for most entrepreneurs. the few at the top typically benefit significantly. The rest, however, get caught holding the goods without a return on investment. The statistics I`ve seen are abysmal...
    Some people are indeed very happy pursuing this model. However, it`s important not to get swept up in any hype about any opportunity. There`s no magic pill answer to succeeding in business and that`s true for MLM "opportunities" as well. MLM is not a model known to perform better for people (generally) than other models in terms of financial benefit.
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