Consulting Business Partner Wanted!

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Hi All,
I`m a newcomer here. I hope this is the right place to post.  ohh..Happy Valentine`s Day!
First of all, a brief bio: I just finished my MBA program at the U of Illinois, Chicago. Prior to B-school, I held a bachelor`s degree in EE, and spent 5+ years in high tech industry, a combination of R&D, project management and business development activities. My last job was project manager with Panasonic semiconductor.
What I intend to do is, to create a business consulting company specializing in serving the segment of US and Chinese small/medium sized businesses by integrating resources on both sides. e.g. a US entrepreneur might look to outsource operations into China for cost reduction purposes, or seek to enter China to reach a MUCH larger consumer base, or simply seek for trade opportunities to diversify their product portfolio...etc;  Similiarly, a Chinese business owner usually wants to establish a US presence for market opportunities or pure image-building purposes... etc.  That is where we come in, facilitating the process as a one-stop solution-provider, in terms of general consulting, business registeration/formation, legal &regulatory issues, staffing and localization, whatever else could be involved.
This is only the basic idea. Our defferentiation will lie in the targeting part - Small/Medium sized businesses and service mix - an all-inclusive solution, and will stay focused on that niche.  I`m pertty well-connected in Northern China, so to get the startup running I`m really looking for 1 or 2 seasoned US individuals to cope with the day-to-day operations in US. The ideal person deson`t need to have much funding, as this will be a very cost-effective venture, (of course I have no problem with $..will come in handy later.) , rather he/she is expected to have ample epeprience and resources in local small business community.  For the begining, this can be considered as a parttime commitment on an ad hoc basis,  and moreover, I hate to be pessimistic, a gain-or-nothing opportunity. I can also deal with activities on US side, problem is if I go back now, I may have trouble travelling back and forth betweeen the 2 countries.  So, need a local partner anyway.
Seems like I`m overwriting already. Let`s talk in private if you share the same  interest and vision.  You can contact me at [email protected] . (No headhunters plz! A corporate position is the last thing on my mind for now!)
Kind regards,
JoshMe2/15/2008 1:14 AM


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